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Florida MP, who was reassigned after a video, shows how he beats teenagers in the head

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9. April 2019, 20:40 GMT

To Doha Madani

A Florida deputy MP was reinstated on Friday after the cell phone video He hit a teenager in the head during an arrest.

Broward County Sheriff MPs were called to a mall in Tamarac because of a large group of students who had fought Thursday according to a Thursday arrest report. After the teenagers were asked to leave the area, a male student was arrested and arrested while intruding on the house.

Subsequently, the mobile video shows that a young man in a tank top is getting up off the floor near the arrested student and one of them is standing in front of a deputy.

The boy is then sprayed with pepper before being knocked down and hit in the head, both in the footage and in the arrest report.

The detained teenagers are underage and were not called.

One was charged with trespassing, the other with an attack on an officer, resistance to the arrest and trespassing.

Representative Christopher Krickovich said in his arrest report that he saw the boy in the tank top grab a cell phone nearby The student was arrested and took an "aggressive stance" against another deputy.

Krickovich, surrounded by students, feared he might fear someone could pull one of his guns off his belt or waistcoat. He's deputy pushed the boy down in the tank top.

"At this point, his left arm was free and beside him, with his arm under his face," Krickovich's report said. "I hit the male with a closed fist on the right side of the head to release his right hand."

Krickovich was sentenced to administrative duty, meaning that he must give up his county-issued weapons by entering a sheriff's facility outside his own without consent of internal affairs, according to a document from the office of the Sheriff of Broward County.

The mayor of Broward County, Mark Bogen, made a statement in which the MP in the video is described as disgusting unacceptable. "

" After the teenager was injected, he held his face and walked away, "said Bogen." If the MP wanted to arrest the student, he could easily have done so without knocking him down. "

In a video statement posted on Twitter, newly appointed Sheriff Broward County's Gregory Tony directed the arrest of the students and promised transparency

"I'm not reading you from a script," Tony said. "About 90 days ago, I was selected for this position solely for Veran nominated. And this accountability is held not only for good reasons, but in cases where we may be wrong. "

Anthony Cusumano and Suzanne Ciechalski contributed to this.

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