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Flu Falls race, get the shot

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Local health experts say the flu season is picking up again.

In the last week alone, 237 cases of influenza were reported in Kent County, and data from the local Ministry of Health (PDF) show that the number of cases is increasing.

Last This year, the number of cases increased at an earlier point in time and went back to that point. The current number of cases is also above the four-year average for this season.

Experts say it's not uncommon for the flu season to start at the beginning of spring. Epidemiologist Brian Hartl, Kent's Department of Health, can peak every year between October and April. Sometimes it reaches an early climax, sometimes a late climax.

"This was a bit of a weird year, because at the end of calendar year 201

8 and also in the past few weeks we had some increase in activity. "Said Hartl. "We do not know exactly what the cause is. Is it the weather or something else?

Pediatrician Dr. Dan McGee of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital says the last time he saw the flu season in March, he followed an above-average snowy winter.

I have a late flu season at various times The last time I remembered it was the year we had 120 inches of snow, "McGee said.

Experts are not sure, but they think they do not like Winter weather, which we saw in January and February, could be to blame.

"One of the theories is because of the cold weather that we had at the beginning of the year, and because of the large number of school closures over a long period of time, so people have no time to cough and sneeze and spread flu [McGee]

Now that children are back in class and people are more out there, the disease spreads twice when they got the flu shot or had their children vaccinated. [19659002] "We know this year that the Influenza A vaccine is about 50 percent effective," McGee said, "If I had my choice of getting the flu or not getting the flu, and you gave me a 50/50 Giving them a chance not to get them, I would take that. "

Apart from the flu shot, the experts say the best thing To protect yourself from infection, you need to wash your hands and stay away from people you know about that they are ill.

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