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Foldable Motorola Razr Fan Video Is So Good Lenovo Used It

Of the many foldable phones that have already been announced or are in the works for later this year, we have the motorola Razr, thanks to its blend of cutting-edged foldable screen tech with a flip phone design remember fondly from a generation ago. Motorola's upcoming phone

Motorola Razr Concept Video

The latest video popped on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, and it contains a pretty convincing look at the Motorola Razr might literally unfold. The video shows a small screen on the outside of the Razr's icon clamshell case.

 Credit: Waqqr Kahn via Liliputting "title =" Credit: Waqqr Kahn via Liliputting "/> <span class= Credit: Waqqr Kahn via Liliputting In fact, the Razr video has some people convinced it's the real McCoy – a believing fueled in a version of the Weibo post which claims that Motorola's parent Lenovo"

Engadget reports that Lenovo did not show the video off during a group interview this week, but without crediting his creator, YouTuber Waqar Kahn, who apparently Liliputting, which posted the Weibo video on YouTube, says Sun Kahn is the source.

Rumors of a foldable Razr phone first surfaced earlier this year, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal has since confi

The phone, rumored to cost $ 1,500, is reportedly running a Snapdragon 710 battery with 4 to 6GB of RAM. A 2,730 mAh battery is supposed to power the device, which is expected to open in a 6.2-inch display when unfolded.

When Motorola confirmed it was working on a foldable phone, all signs pointed to a summer launch date. If the phone maker is the one promoting them, […]

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