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Football superstar Sergio Ramos’ “improbable” Rolex choice proves he’s a man of the people

The football world is full of personalities, and one of the most puzzling is Sergio Ramos.

The unsurpassed aggression of the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national football team on the field is contrasted by his subtle nature. Ramos is a family man who would much rather spend time with his loved ones and his horses in the Andalusian countryside than courting paparazzi on the streets of a European celebrity hotspot. He is an old school soccer player.

Perhaps it is not surprising that Ramos avoids the eye-catching timekeeping trends of other top footballers and goes into one of the hottest games in the league with a classic, old-fashioned watch.

At the weekend, Real Madrid defeated Athletic Bilbao 1

-0, the penalty from Ramos himself. Real Madrid against Athletic Bilbao is one of the toughest rivalries in the league. The highly competitive games reflect (one of many) regional rivalries in Spain.

When Ramos entered the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao before Sunday’s game, he was struck with one 10,800 AUD / $ 7,500 Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust 41 – a perfect choice for watches.

The DateJust is a famous model worn by a who’s who of sports heroes, political leaders and celebrities. Roger Federer, Paul Newman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill, Harrison Ford, even the Dalai Lama … The list goes on.

On the wrist and a close-up.

The 41 is the largest size in which DateJust is available, and Ramos’ model made of corrosion-resistant oyster steel features a smooth bezel and a beautiful dark rhodium dial with a sunbeam finish. It’s a timeless and infinitely versatile look that looks as good with a suit as it does with its pre-match active wear.

Classy move, Ramos.

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