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For the first time in its 132-year history, Katz’s Deli offers outdoor dining

For the first time in its 132-year history, the deli, a staple in New York City known for its pastrami sandwiches, is offering outdoor seating in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

New York is in phase 3 of its reopening plan, which allows restaurants to serve guests on-site while the seats are outside. Katz’s, which is known for its indoor seating, had to be innovative in order to serve or serve the guests solely by removing and delivering them.

Jatz Dell, the fifth-generation owner of Katz’s, told CNN on Saturday that his company was among the lucky ones throughout the pandemic and kept all employees and their standard working hours despite schedule changes.

Since many people work from home and otherwise do not come to eat, Dell admitted that the current system does not serve all of its usual customers.

“It is not enough for some of our customers to take something out,”

; said Dell. “For many, taking away or delivering is not what they are used to. They take it home from work or take it home for lunch, eat in the car. Unfortunately, others do not.” I think it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to offer a service to sit down to eat and we are immediately grateful for that. “

According to Dell, Katz’s offers seating for 50 to 70 people on the sidewalk and in the street around the restaurant in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The restaurant went through a test phase last week and is now in operation with outdoor seating until further notice.

Dell said he worked with the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor in task forces to find solutions for restaurants during the pandemic.

“We are very aware of what is needed from a public health perspective, but in reality what we do is not significantly different from what restaurants have always done and did,” he said. “The idea of ​​thorough cleaning and proper hygiene is already deeply rooted. We will continue to do so.”

For those who are immunodeficient, Dell still recommends staying home and ordering the delivery or take away. In about two weeks, the deli will set up its own delivery service so customers can order directly in the restaurant, instead of using third-party apps such as Caviar, Seamless and UberEats.

With the Covid 19 pandemic that changes many aspects of life in New York City, Katz’s has changed over time. Service personnel are tasked with learning how to pack and ship items, which Katz’s has done and continues to offer in all 50 states.

However, Dell said he knew that Katz’s was rooted in tradition and had no plans to change what had made the delicatessen a New York icon. Non-New Yorkers who have been operating since 1888 may know it as the setting for the famous scene “I’ll have what she has” in the romantic comedy 1989 “When Harry Met Sally”.

“There’s a really delicate balance between keeping the tradition of not changing anything and growing with time,” he said. “Even updating the bathroom to make it more comfortable for customers is a delicate balance between new and old. All I and we do is keep this tradition. Perhaps we will make the experience easier to experience and bring it A little closer to you. Everything we do right now is about giving your front door experience. “

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