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For this reason, you should not take raw food according to Ayurveda

Raw food is one of the most popular nutrition trends these days. All people who either want to lose weight or just try to stay fit, opt for a raw food diet because it should be filled with nutrients that are low in calories and high in fiber. The idea behind it is that heating foods destroys their nutrients and natural enzymes, which can negatively affect the digestive system and even lead to chronic diseases. But Ayurveda has a different view on this problem.

What Ayurveda says

According to Ayurveda, not all foods are good for eating raw. You should only eat raw fruits, nuts and salads, but otherwise all other foods must be cooked. The ancient Indian medical system believes that cooking foods helps us in two ways:


1; First warm food increases the blood flow in your gut and improves the digestive process.

– Secondly, cooked food easily breaks down in the stomach and the nutrients are properly absorbed by the body.

Scientific proof

Not only Ayurveda, but science supports these claims. There are some studies that clearly underline why cooked food is more beneficial than raw food. According to one study, foods cooked in water contain more antioxidants. Besides, raw vegetables can be hard to digest and even lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

The quintessence

It's not that you should stay away from raw food or salads. But you should just be a little careful. Especially in winter, it is best to warm up the salad before eating. That's because our digestive system is stronger in summer than in winter. Do not consume raw foods in monsoon as bacterial and viral infections peak during this time. Washing and cooking kills the bacteria and protects you from various health problems.

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