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Ford Bronco 2020 with removable hardtop shown doors at dealer meeting

This teaser image from 2018 shows the box-shaped silhouette of the Bronco.


It has been a long time since Ford first confirmed that the Bronco nameplate returned to the US market in 2017 but now we have a few details about the reborn SUV SUV to a recent one dealer meeting. Automotive News reported Monday that Ford had shown the dealer at a weekend meeting with the new Bronco, which means that we learned a little more about the new model.

Details reported to have been disclosed in Palm Beach, Florida: The Bronco is offered in two- and four-door configurations. The hardtop and the doors are removable and can be stowed in the cargo hold. Unlike the Jeep Wrangler, the side mirrors of the Bronco are said to be attached to the A-pillars, making them neater and safer when driving without doors. Dealers also told Automotive News that the new Bronco will be "retro" -designed with curves, a rectangular radiator grille and a "Bronco" lettering on the nose. Perhaps our best appearance was in March 201

8, when Ford released the above teaser image of the Bronco under one sheet.

A Ford spokesperson emailed the roadshow that the company had not commented on the report. Only the "Bronco will be seen in 2020."

At the event, Ford reportedly also showed the so-called Baby Bronco to dealers. It will be a smaller off-roader, although no further details became known. Ford has not even confirmed a name for the new model. Photos of what the baby Bronco might be were leaked at a previous Ford dealership event. The dealers were also shown Ford's Mustang-inspired electric crossovers which are expected to offer a range of 300 miles at their premiere in 2020. Automotive News also reports that Ford told dealers that the company is planning a small unibody pickup truck for the Bronco and the Baby Bronco.

With the Ford Bronco reaching its customers by the end of 2020, just months after the Baby Bronco, there's plenty of time left to see Ford's next SUV. Based on how many other automakers had success in reviving classic model names by 1945 we expect interested buyers to wait.

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