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Ford could launch a Le Mans-inspired version of the Ford GT

Photo: Ford

For four years since the Ford GT was first unveiled, Ford has invented something new for it. The details are rare, but the teaser photo above shows that there's a huge Le Mans-style rear wing big enough to eat a turkey.

Ford's official announcement will be made at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to a press release. The company said nothing at the time but to make a "special Ford GT Supercar announcement".

That means it's time to speculate.

Exclusive and special edition Ford GT. Since the regular was not exclusive enough, there has to be even more special . I've brightened up the above photo as much as possible, and I really believe that it will be a bit off-road because it has headlights and is not low enough to be another race car.

of-the-site Bozi Tatarevic posted the photo in this Twitter thread alongside a regular GT.

The Riddle The car does not seem to be much lower (it would be quite difficult anyway to become much lower than a standard GT for a road car anyway). However, on the teaser photo, there seems to be a roof ball.

The thing could well be some sort of Le Mans-inspired road car. The GT3RS from Ford GTs.

We will find out more next month.

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