Ford Motor Company announced that the Fiesta subcompact model, the Fusion mid-range sedan and the Taurus large-format car will be discontinued in the US.

Ford families drive Ford. Chevrolet families drive Chevys. And they often refuse to switch. Ford's decision to cut almost its entire car line, leaving only the iconic Mustang in its current shape, leaves many in a bind. When the Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus are gone, and the Focus becomes a crossover called Focus Active, now what?

A loyalist plans to stay with Ford, though his car, a Taurus, is set.

I will not turn my back on Ford, "says Charles Washington, a heavy-lift repair specialist from Los Angeles, who owns a Taurus SHO model in 2013." I think they will bring something else to the table, but they need to go ahead , I understand. "

Many Ford fans complain of consternation.

" Ford is crazy about killing Fusion. Incredible! "A resident of Jacksonville said on Twitter

"I love my @Ford Fusion and if I could, I would buy mergers just for the rest of my life," a resident of Minnesota tweeted .

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