DETROIT – Ford's promise to double down on trucks and SUVs, kills the Fiesta Subcompact, mid-size sedan and It's going to go forward with only two cars in its lineup: the Mustang and a new hatchback called the Focus Active. "The big Taurus sedan announced it Wednesday.

Active as a beefy little vehicle that will have a higher profile like an SUV, but still considered to be a car

The plan is in line with the concept outlined recently by CEO Jim Hackett to introduce more trucks and SUVs, the vehicles that buyers most want. Automotive sales have declined across the industry.

Ford will use the excess capacity created in its plants by car models introducing new trucks and SUVs. For example, the new Ford Bronco off-roader is on the way.

"We will explore our full range of traditional crossover and SUVs that everyone knows, such as Explorer and Escape," said Jim Farley, Ford President of Global Markets. "And then we will introduce and deploy capital and use it for new silhouettes, products that give customers the benefits without the penalty of fuel economy."

Fiesta and Taurus may disappear from the lineup soon as next year. The recently released version of the Fusion, which plays in the mid-range segment that was most popular until SUV enthusiasm in the industry, is likely to last for a few more years.


Ford shows at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit the new model of the popular Fusion.
Detroit Free Press

The announcement came when Ford said it earned a first-quarter profit of $ 1.7 billion, a 9% increase over the same period last year. In the first quarter, the Dearborn car maker made 43 cents a share, beating Wall Street analysts' average expectations by 2 cents a share.

Ford's worldwide revenue increased 7% to $ 42 billion. The 9% increase in quarterly profit can be almost entirely attributed to a fall in the automaker's effective tax rate from 28.6% to 9%, according to Ford representatives.

The automaker's pre-tax profit fell 14% to $ 2.2 billion for the quarter.

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