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"Ford v Ferrari" received a warm welcome at Telluride Premiere – Variety

After the viewers' reaction here in Telluride to the world premiere of James Mangold's "Ford v Ferrari", the film may just have raced to the Oscar track.

] There was a great deal of interest in the film because the house was full in the 650-seat Werner Herzog Theater, which is built over an ice hockey rink every year. Some moviegoers dropped deep into their seats and covered their eyes during the most dramatic racing sequences of the picture. Although this is not a Netflix movie, the steward's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, and director of the company's "Marriage Story", Noah Baumbach, were seen in the crowd along with star Adam Driver and co-star Laura Dern.

For questions on how Fox Damon and Bale position themselves in the acting categories, it looks like Bale for Lead and Damon for Support.

Damon portrays Carroll Shelby, the legendary American racing driver hired by Ford to build a car Bale joins forces with Ken Miles, the rebellious British rider on whom Shelby insists on driving Ford's super machine, at the historic race in Le Mans in 1


Car racing films have proven themselves at the Oscars with Under-the-Line winning. John Frankenheimer's "Grand Prix" was awarded three Academy Awards in 1966 for film editing, sound and sound effects. The recognition of actors was harder to grasp in this genre. Most recently, Ron Howard's "Rush" failed to earn actor-nicks for Chris Hemsworth in 2013, even though Daniel Bruhl received BAFTA and Golden Globe Noms as a supporting actor.

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