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Forever Young: Do Your Bit to Stay Fit


We know that there’s really no stopping Father Time, but we can delay his effects on us if we take good care of ourselves. In today’s age, we don’t have to literally battle dangerous predators nor fight rival tribes for food. Our basic nutrition and sustenance are within reach. Although this is generally a good thing, we often forget to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Our body is not built for a sedentary life, we evolved because we needed to work and fight hard to survive. So it is important to simulate those activities and maintain the right amount of food to reach the optimal level of food intake regularly.

Here are some tips to get the effects of The Fountain of Youth on our own:

  1. Balanced Diet

Don’t skip out on the important Macronutrients your body needs daily to keep it going: Protein, Carbs, and Fats. These nutrients are our main source of energy that fuels us throughout the day so you need to take large amounts of these food groups. Although they are good for you, too many of these will have the opposite effect. Always keep watch on what you eat and how much of it you’re ingesting. The quality of food is important as you just can’t eat candy just because they have calories for energy. Always remember that your diet plays a big part in your overall wellness perhaps bigger than any of what follows on this list.

  1. Right Amount of Exercise

Exercise is an integral part of keeping your body in top condition. You don’t have to do exercises that will lead you to exhaustion. The right exercise for an hour a day is enough to keep your body in shape and strong. If your body needs to lose some unhealthy weight you need to do a lot of cardio exercises. Resistance training is good if you want to build muscle mass. Working out in tandem with a balanced diet will get you far in your pursuit to feel young even in your old age.

  1. Supplements

It is also advisable to invest in supplements to help you in your recovery, maintain energy, improve immunity, and many more. Make sure you get the best supplements out there as the market is now flooded with ineffective, sometimes harmful products. The experts from Supplement First advocate the consumption of safe and clinically tested products to guarantee its efficacy. High-quality products are not only a good investment, but it should be your only investment in supplementation. It would only be a waste of money if you buy products that don’t have any nutritional value.

  1. Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important requirements of keeping your body healthy, it’s up there with having a balanced diet. When you sleep, your body flushes out toxins and refreshes your nerves, especially in your brain. A good night’s sleep helps you in your workout and it keeps you sharp throughout the day.

  1. Be Positive Mentally

Being constantly stressed is one of the major causes of a number of illnesses. Your brain doesn’t recognize a real threat if you create your own threats in your mind. The body releases cortisol to make itself ready to switch into survival mode. Too much of this is detrimental to your health as your brain and body are constantly on the brink of overdrive. Learn how to cope with problems and keep a positive outlook. Interestingly, the oldest surviving people have a common trait of being happy and contented.

Living young doesn’t mean that we don’t grow old, but it means that we stave off the negative effects of old age. Also, we can’t do it with one magic pill or sequence, we need to take the necessary tips above to maintain our health. It is the little things that help us in our effort to feel and be young. With our advanced knowledge in biology and nutrition, we are in a better position to maintain our health and live longer than our ancestors.