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Forget Laurel or Yanny, this new viral sound clip is even more stunning

Do you know the video "Yanny vs. Laurel", which was on everyone's lips this week? Depending on how you listened, did you hear something different?

It tore families apart, made friends, and caused people to no longer trust what they heard. Not familiar with it? Then click here if you dare.

It seemed like we could go ahead and try to fix our lives, another audio "challenge" is here to start the cycle again. However, it is not exactly the same thing.

This time it's your mind playing a prank

We all know that our brain can do amazing things, as we interpret everything we see, hear, taste, smell, etc. Its power is in full to watch with this video clip because you hear what you want to hear.

What you do is either look at the word "brainstorm" or "green needle" or think about it and then play the video. No matter which of the two you are concentrating on, you will hear that. For real.

If you have not already tried it, switch to the other option and press Play again. Trippy, right?

Did you hear brainstorming? How about a green needle? You might instead hear a combination of the two, such as "brain needle" or "green storm" while listening.

With Yanny versus Laurel, the problem was the pitch with which we heard the sound. Both words were present, only what we heard varied according to certain conditions.

Similarly, it is likely that both "brainstorming" and "green needle" will play on different frequencies, relying on what we are telling to hear our brains.

Yes, science is cool

The video above shows a toy that has been around for a while. By the way, the toy is called "Brainstorm". Well, that sounds logical.

One explanation for why we hear "green needle", however, is the psychological effect known as "priming," in which we basically convince ourselves of what we will hear. So, when the sound is played, we hear what was said to our brain.

Obviously, this will not happen with all the words, only those that sound a bit similar, but if they get that, you have.

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