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Former ICE chief beat House Democrats after a tense hearing: "He ran away like a little girl"

Former incumbent Head of Immigration and Customs Control (ICE), Thomas Homan, beat the representative. Gerry Connolly Gerald (Gerry), Edward Connolly Democrats unveil bill to lift refugee cap against Iran? Dems suspension of the rule of justice except charges against the president MORE (D-Va.) Friday night, after the two had previously focused on conditions in facilities near the border in a hearing.

Homan appeared at Fox Business " Lou Dobbs Louis (Lou) Carl DobbsLou Dobbs calls generals" Snowflakes "because they do not support Trump's July 4 speech MORE Tonight" to be Testimony of Congress to recap on Friday before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which included a series of fireworks between him and House Democrats.

Fox commentator Gregg Jarrett, who interviewed Homan on the program, launched the segment of I tell the former ICE chief that "treating them was downright horrendous."

"Rep. Gerry Connolly from Virginia, you know he threw away dirt and I can not answer it's about political theater. He ran away like a little girl. He is a coward. He did not want to hear my answer because it was all political theater, "said Homan.

" It's about resisting this president, it's about open borders. They do not want to hear the truth.

Connolly broke out at the hearing on Friday and focused on the separation of children and allegations of ill-treatment in facilities near the southern border member of the Congress, as an American, I would hear the testimony that I "The Virginia Democrat started using the microphone during his time and pointed to poor home decorating conditions that other witnesses pointed out.

"I sat here and listened To horror stories, I thought it was a fiction … Children without soap, ch children in the dirt," he said, adding, "The ambiguity, the empowerment, the rationalization is inexcusable."

Connolly questioned the acting Homeland Security Inspector General, Jennifer Costello, on the Office's findings at certain border areas. When he spoke of "little human caring," Homan jumped in and said he was "extremely frustrated."

"I'm not calling you, sir!" Cried Connolly Homan.

"Of course not," said Homan. "It's not about transparency …"

"You're not on the border!" Cried Connolly. "You're not at the border right now, you're in an auditorium, it's my time!"

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