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Former Speaker of the Sanders Campaign: Clinton Employees Are "Biggest Gaps in American Politics"

Sen. Spokesman Bernie Sanders Bernard (Bernie) SandersSanders calls for electoral surrogates in the media to act respectfully. Sanders warns in his name in & # 39; Internal Memo & # 39; before 'bullying and harassment & # 39; Political Socialist Because "They Are Wrong in Questions" MORE (I-Vt.) 201

6 Presidential campaign hit Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Anderson pressingly presses campaign surrogates in the media, respectfully Blasio visits Iowa while in 2020 he warns in his name "Sanders". Sanders warns of "bullying and harassment" in his internal memo MORE and their associates as "totally ingrates" and "assholes" after critics have been criticized by ex-Clinton for sanders' private use jets.

"You can see why she is one of America's most unloved politicians. She is not nice. Your people are not nice, "said Michael Briggs, the spokesman, to Politico of Clinton. "[Sanders] has blown up his tail to fly all over the country to talk about why it made sense to choose Hillary Clinton, and thanks that [we] that kind of little stupid snap a few years after the act is received. "

Briggs also called Clinton and her employees "assholes."

"I do not feel well when I feel that way, but they are among the biggest assholes in American politics," said Politico. [19659006InderselbenPolitico-GeschichtekritisiertenEx-ClintonHelferdassSandersBerichtenzufolgeAnfragenanihnundseineMitarbeitergestellthattePrivatjetszuverwendenwährenderalsWahlsoldatfürClintonden2016demokratischenNominiertendienteDasvonSandersgemeldeteVorliebefürPrivatjetswarlautPoliticoeinPunktderSpannungbeiderClintoncampaign

Rania Batrice, who was in 2016 Sanders deputy campaign manager during part of his campaign, denied Politico that the campaign asked depending on a private plane to have a private plane.

Tensions between the Sanders and Clinton Throughout the 2016 election cycle, the campaigns were high before and after the two had decided to vote for the Democrats. Sanders again stands for the nomination in 2020.

Sanders spokesman Arianna Jones told Politico that the flights were used to ensure that Sanders "could get to the sites as soon as possible in order to get the Democrat ticket Defeat. " Donald Trump Donald John TrumpSpike Lee calls on Oscars viewers to vote in 2020 on: "Let's all stand on the right side of the story" José Andrés honors immigrants, women in the Oscars speech Javier Bardem knocks to the limits, while Oscars speech "Walls" is in Spanish MORE . "

" Sen. Sanders campaigned so aggressively for US Secretary of State Clinton that he became a story at such a grueling pace, picturing how a former adversary can support a candidate in a parliamentary election. " Jones added

Politico also reported that Sanders has continued to use private jets since that election, which reportedly spent at least $ 342,000 on these flights.

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