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Former WWE star Matt Cappotelli dies after fighting cancer

Former WWE star Matt Cappotelli has died after a year-long battle against cancer. He was 38 years old.

Cappotelli was diagnosed with brain cancer on June 27, 2017, according to a blog written by his wife Lindsey Cappotelli

Lindsey shared the news of her husband's death on Friday in a Facebook group

"Hey Team Capp. .. I've been struggling with what I say and how to say that, and I'll probably end up staying, but here's yours, "she wrote.

"Today my love – my strong, sweet, beautiful love – took its last breath at 3:30 and went home to be with Jesus … exactly one year after his brain operation," she continued. "You think you can be prepared if you know it's coming, but you just can not, the only person whose consolation I want now is the one she can not give me."

I miss him so much, "she added. "I know where he is now is so much better, but it does not change how much I miss him."

Matt, who also starred in the third season of WWE's Tough Enough reality show, had a brain tumor around 1

1 years ago and was screened regularly every year, Lindsey wrote in her blog.

The former wrestler had undergone an MRI in February 2017, but in June of the same year he got a headache and "confiscation," she wrote.

  Matt Cappotelli

When the two of them went to the doctor's office, they were dismayed by Matt's diagnosis.

"Dr. Yao, the brain surgeon, came to our room to discuss more with us and give us our options," Lindsey wrote. "He explained that the tumor was of considerable size and that he was shocked at how fast he had grown in the 4 months since Matt's February MRI."

The couple was told that without surgery, it would not be clear what type of tumor Matt had, although glioblastoma was a possibility.

"This was the first time I heard that word, which in his words was the" worst case, "Lindsey wrote," If it was GBM and Matt had no surgery or chemo, he would have only about one Month to live. Then he said that even with surgery and treatment usually takes about 6 months.

Matt underwent surgery on June 29, 2017, and while his surgeon was able to remove 90 percent of the tumor, the results confirmed that he had grade 4 glioblastoma.

"This was a very emotional day for us. As you might expect, when we hear this, we had our moment to cry together, "Lindsey wrote," I remember standing in the kitchen, in his arms, crying and weeping, and I said I could Do not lose him, I could not live without him. "

He began oral chemotherapy, but his symptoms grew worse, and after getting the flu in December, he was hospitalized and" never really walked again. "

"While all this Matt and I never really talked about death," Lindsey wrote, "Part of me wants us to have done it, but I never wanted to let him believe that I did not think he was it would succeed. Because I still had hope, and I did not want him to give up hope. "

" I love this man who is so damned. He is my "person". He's the one I wanted to be with forever, "she continued," He's the one I wanted to grow up with. I wanted him to be my whole life, not just a part of my life. "

" So many times have I wished that I would go through this. I would swap with him right away, "she added," I always told him that I wanted to die from him because I just did not think I could survive without him, but I knew he would be okay without me would. If you had asked what my worst nightmare would be, it would lose him. So many times have I wondered, how can this happen? I can not believe that really happens. But it is. And that is part of life. People get cancer and people die. We can not do anything about it, but we can control how we respond to these circumstances and how we allow God to work in and through us. I can already see the growth and the change in me.

She concluded, "It's shitty to go through this, but I know that God works and moves. We both want him to be glorified. As Jesus said in John 12:28, Father, bring honor to your name. "

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