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Fortite glitch and leaks show a new feature that may appear soon Dexerto.com

Fortnite Battle Royale may be added to a new spectator gap in the near future due to newly discovered leaks and an in-game glitch.

Players have begun to report that an error in their game caused an error in the playlist menu and display a new button labeled "Join as a player".

According to screen shots of the glitch, the button appears just above the big "Accept" button that appears when a player has selected a game mode they want to play. 19659004] Although clicking the button does not actually do anything, the fact that it's there is pretty much in line with what Data Miner recently unearthed from game files.


While browsing the files in the PC version of the game, the prominent data miner & # 39; lucas7yoshi _ & # 39; found a file that links the "Join a Player" label of the game watching game.

Unfortunately, it's the only credible piece of information he found on the button. So it's unclear how it would work or when it could be added to the game.


If this feature is actually added to Fortnite, it's interesting to see what function it will actually work in, as there is already an in-game feature that allows retired players to watch their teammates.

Some Are Theorists This allows players to view games as "ghosts" that can move freely through the map. Others believe that this will finally allow players to see their friends or favorite streamers without being in their game.

Although both seem unlikely, as they would be far too overwhelming and give the players too much advantage, it is clear that there is already a real hype about the potential of the feature.

After all, the community has long been asking for such a thing and it seems Epic Games are finally delivering.

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