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Fortnite 5.30 update debuts Shockwave Grenade, returning Solid Gold mode

Epic Games clearly knows how to bring players back to Fortnite: Battle Royale with regular content updates and strange in-game occurrences . This week is no different, with a new shockwave grenade that changes the game and the return of a time-limited game mode called Solid Gold LTM. The Save the World cooperative also has some love for a new character subclass to play and a new horde challenge.

Much of the Fortnite community is still trying to figure out what's going on in the game world when Season 5 comes to an end (and wonder where exactly the giant purple cube might land ). But the weekly updates remind us that there are still reasons to move on to try to be the last standing person. So what's the newest thing that brings the Fortnite fans back into the game?

Shockwave Grenade

Not to be confused with the Shock Grenade, which has been in play for a long time. This new grenade is much more powerful and will start you, your teammates and your enemies for long stretches without falling damage. This means that you can fly into the middle of the storm with it or with your teammates with a well placed throw.

But it's also powerful enough to let your enemies fly through walls. They will not be harmed if they hit the ground, but it is still easy to imagine how this new item will be able to change the fight on a dime.


Epic games

Solid Gold LTM

This is a game mode we've seen before, but for obvious reasons, it's a fan favorite. In most game modes, you come by and look for the best gear you can find, hoping to have at least some good weapons. But in Solid Gold LTM, any weapon – whether in a chest, on the ground or anywhere – will be the legendary version. Of course, this also means that your opponents will have the best weapons, but from previous experience we already know that they are providing some exciting games.


Epic games

Save the World receives a new subclass, Horde Challenges

Epic Games continues the PvE side of the game with new challenges and items to help you fight off the zombie hordes. A new hero named Mythic Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja will be available from Wednesday, August 29th, bringing a new look and a new Bladestorm subclass with its own special abilities.

His signature ability is called Kunai Storm, an attack in which your character performs a backwards flip and throws 15 pointed knives down. There are also perks that you can unlock, that go along with the ability to make them stronger and more deadly.

This week, there's also a new Horden Challenge, which does not trigger traps during combat. Without traps, this means you have to deal with a lot of ammo and your upgrading skills are better if you want to survive.


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