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Fortnite: Battle Royale's upcoming Twitch Prime Pack 3 may have leaked

Fortnite: Battle Royales Third Twitch Prime Pack could be on the way. A New Leak in the Twitter Account Fortrise (s) indicates that the Archetype skin recorded last week, along with three other cosmetics, is on its way through Twitch Prime Pack 3.

Archetype Outfit Skin is part of the Modern Military set, a futuristic pair of military equipment. In addition to the archetype skin, there are three additional cosmetics in the set: the Calipher Pickaxe, the Servo Glider, and the Paradigm Back Bling. All four cosmetics were found as [Update] Fortnite version 5.1

patch, but Leakers were unaware of the role of the set until recently.

For the time being it is unclear when the third Twitch Prime Pack will go live. The game's previous Twitch Prime Pack ended on July 11, which means it's been almost three weeks since Fortnite players were able to get free loot for owning a Twitch Prime account. Fortunately, August is on its way, and Twitch usually unveils more prime give aways than the next month, so expect more news in the coming days.

The Modern Military Set was not the only skin last week as part of Fortnites Version 5.1 Update. A beach-themed lifeguard set has also been found in the game files, along with the Scuba set, the Drag Race inspired Street Racer set, the Wreck Raider Scuba Diver outfit skin, the Shade Outfit skin and a shark with attached laser The head was aptly named Laser Chomp.

It is still unclear when players can unlock these skins, but since most of them have a summer theme, it is certain that they will be here in Season 5 sooner rather than later [19659002] H / T IGN

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