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Fortnite Downtime for "Fortnitemares" Update 6.20 Confirmed

Fortnite's Halloween event begins tomorrow, and Epic has given players a head-up on downtime. The downtime for Update 6.20 starts on October 24 at 4:00 pm ET / 1:00 am / 9:00 am BST. After the downtime, the special "Fortnitemares" event begins.

Epic has annoyed that the Fortnitemares event will be giving away "weird rewards" for special challenges. A Save the World mode announcement also mentions Fortnitemares challenges, so these bonus missions and rewards are likely to apply in both the free PvP and PvE paid modes. You can also earn some skins by signing up for Save the World.

Epic has not announced what these ghostly rewards are, but a number of Twitter fools seem to show a skin that fits together like a puzzle. That's probably at least one of the rewards you can earn. Fortnitemares will last the entire Monday through November 26, giving us an idea of ​​when to expect Season 7.

We also do not know all that Update 6.20 will do, but one element of it has been uncovered. Epic plans to test changes to the paraglider of the game so you can use it again during a game, provided you are high enough in the air. This change will be active for a week, after which it will be disabled ̵

1; although it could someday be permanently activated.

This season, season 6, was marked by the theme "Darkness Rises". "Like so many of his skins and cosmetics are pretty scary, like the Dire Wolf's skin, which becomes more werewolf-like when you level it out, now we can finally see some of the Halloween skins become available. Find more Halloween events In our Halloween round.

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