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Fortnite fans are calling for a move to the X-4 Stormwing plane

While Fortnite has been expanded to include a brand new biome and three new points of interest during the V7.00 update, the game's newest vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing, is the most talked about.

Published as part of The X-4 Stormwing is a dual-purpose aircraft that allows players to fly around the map, with space for one ride and two passengers sitting on the wing.

The X-4 can usually be rotated around the map, as the speed and the ability to increase the altitude means that no position is locked on the island. This gives you many options when trying to find the perfect spot and securing a Victory Royale.

The Stormwing also allows the pilot to fire bullets, meaning that players can shoot down enemy structures, target players on the ground, or even engage in a dogfight battle against other X-4 pilots.

However, some Fortnite bouts want Eiic Games to change the planes as they f In their current state, there is no penalty for aircraft crash due to bad driving.

If a pilot flies the plane directly into the ground, the plane will not explode and the players will not take any damage. That is, there is no incentive to make sure that you land the X-4 safely on the ground.

The Fortnite Proplayer Nicholas & # 39; Zoof & # 39; Zufan demands that this change and says he says, "There must be some risk of turning when using it."

If you are in a plane and it breaks, you should take some damage from r / FortniteCompetitive

Some have suggested that there should be an explosion if the plane is destroyed, with each on board causing 50 damage, while others have suggested that there should be no redeployment when the plane is destroyed, which means that people do this Fall to their deaths.

Do you think the X-4 Storming needs these changes? Let us know!

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