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Fortnite has secured a Star Wars crossover event

(Image credits: Epic Games)

Dear Sir or Madam, Toydarians and Tauntauns, we have a Fortnite / Star Wars crossover Stormtrooper skin event you can catch. Do stormtroopers have a better goal than Fortnite Bots? There is only one way to find that out.

You can buy the skin in the regular item store, or if you want something more for your money, you can get a code to purchase it Jedi: Fallen Order at the Epic Games Store. It's still available on Steam and Origin / EA Access, so if that's what you prefer, then it's just not that extra.

Even better, a star destroyer has appeared over the Fortnite map in the sky.

(Photo credit: Epic Games)

At present, the Star Destroyer seems to have a considerable distance from the island. It could be that as soon as it gets closer, we will see some kind of new event, but only time will tell.

And since you are obviously at least a little bit interested in Star Wars events, you should look at all of our Jedi: please take a look at the order coverage and our review if it pops up later.

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