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Fortnite Physical Copies sell for wild amounts online

Fortnite is an extremely successful Battle Royale game that can be played for free, but that does not stop many people from playing over hundreds of dollars for a copy of the game. Physical releases of the PS4 and Xbox One versions currently sell up to $ 450 per copy online, although the game can be downloaded for free and no purchase is necessary to play.

Searches on Ebay and Amazon show tons of sellers up sealed copies of the game. Most prices range from $ 100 to $ 200, but there are some that go much higher. To buy people; There are tons of old lists showing that the copies were bought. Undoubtedly, these are collectors who collect the expensive copies; Fortnite publishers are no longer spending physical expenditures on the game, but are 1

00 percent focused on free digital downloads with free access to Battle Royale and paid access to Save the World, the game's co-op sandbox survival mode.

a new platform. There was some evidence that a Nintendo Switch version was coming, but the company surprised us all during the E3 2018 with the announcement that Fortnite would be immediately available on the system after the Nintendo Direct presentation. The switch version has already taken in an incredible number of players and supports cross-play with Xbox One, PC and iOS. Like other versions, it is currently only available digitally

In other Fortnite News, developer Epic Games has confirmed that the Playground mode will be coming very soon for a limited time. Mode gives you your own private sandbox so that you and your team can play and practice without fear of enemy attacks. Epic also recently released its latest patch, Version 4.4, which adds Stink Bombs and more to the game.

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