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Fortnite Save the World ends blind-draw loot boxes

Fortnite renounces the Blind Draw Lootboxes and will replace the "V-Buck Llamas" with an "X-Ray Llama" that will display the content before opening. The qualifier is here for Fortnite : Save The World not the more famous Battle Royale.

The change is effective as of patch 7.30, Epic Games said in a post yesterday. Previously, the "Upgrade Lamas" (a Piñata, the official mascot of the game) had 50 V-Bucks and contained a selection of skins, weapons and other loot. "X-Ray Lamas" are still the same 50 V dollar prices. If players do not like what is offered in one, they can wait for the daily update of the store and the new range of items it offers.

The change will include the Dupe Prevention introduced before several patches. For example, the llama determines the rarity and type of item and then selects an item that is not in a player's inventory or book. However, if they already know everything about the rarity and type of an object (say, all legendary shotguns), a duplicate of that item will be issued rather than selected from another category.

Epic Games

All current Save the World Players receive five upgrade llama markers to see how this works for free. The new X-Ray Llamas can not be opened in bulk (because their content needs to be displayed first), but the others – Mini Lamas and Event Llamas – can be opened in bulk. They are still earned with resources acquired in gameplay.

Lllamas exist in the Battle Royale but they are rarer, found only in the game, spawn in strange locations and contain more items. They are also not transparent like the X-ray llamas.

Update: A naughty attempt to compare Save the World with its more beloved siblings did not go so well. so the lede was changed.

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