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Fortnite servers have failed and prevent players from logging into the game

Online service issues affect Fortnite players, making it impossible to log in to the game. When many commented on Twitter to express their frustration, developer Epic Games recognized the problem and said it was working on a solution.

Many players seem to struggle with an error message when trying to enter Fortnite, but judging from the ongoing discussion. Many social media players who are already enrolled in the game continue to play. Those who try to log in encounter problems on the title screen, which indicates that some users are not allowed to play the game. The problem seems to affect all versions of the game.

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According to the Epic Games online services status page, game services, signups, and the Epic Games Store website all "fail." from this letter. "We've noticed a problem with signups and some players may have trouble linking to Epic Games services," Epic wrote on the site. "We will keep you informed as we work towards a solution."

Other parts of the online service, such as forums, friend lists, and in-game matchmaking, are still functional, the site reports.

The downfall is especially frustrating for anyone participating in Ice Storm challenges during the Fortnite event. Ice Storm should officially end on January 1st at 13:00 CET / 4:00 CET / 9:00 CET GMT when the scheduled maintenance would complete the update at 7:30 CET. Epic had not said how long the update would last, but it looks like the Chiller grenade will be added to the game once it's completed.

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