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Fortnite Update 3.4 Out, Patch Notes Detail What's new?

Fortnite is developing again. The v3.4 update of the game has arrived on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mobile and makes a wealth of changes and additions. It adds a new weapon – the Steering Missile – and returns an old time mode to Battle Royale, while Save the World receives a new quest line and more.

The guided rocket was previously on the game update screen, and it brings "remote destruction from above." It comes in two rarities – Epic and Legendary – with these levels inflicting 105 and 110 damage to the players. The rocket also inflicts 1000 damage to the environment and carries 100 health.

Fans of the Limited Sniper Shootout will be happy with this latest update as the mode is back with a few tweaks. The hunting rifle and crossbow were added while the magnum revolver was removed.

Interestingly, Fortnite removed the 30 fps option. Epic says, "In v3.4, we made some important GPU optimizations that improved the visual quality, including resolution in 60 fps mode, and now we feel there is little reason for it, with 30 FPS to play." Elsewhere, the update includes Crossplay enhancements, several bug fixes, and a new quest line for Save the World, The Three Husketeers. At the end of this article, you'll see the full patch notes on Epic.

While the arsenals of players have been expanded with the release of Guided Missile, the jetpack is still unavailable. This should have started weeks ago, just for Epic to delay it at the last minute. Unfortunately, we still have not received an update on where the development is, although Epic has not stopped it from releasing more new weapons, cosmetics, and time-limited modes like the recently completed flash.

Fortnite Update 4.3 Patch Notes


  • Next Phase of Crossplay Enhancements to the Console
    • You can now add, remove, and manage Epic Friends from the main menu
    • You can now use Crossplay Party Send, Receive, and Reply Invitations
    • Party Finder now includes Epic Friends on other platforms.
  • Enables toggle full screen mode with Alt + Enter on PC and Option + Enter on Mac.
  • Increased brightness and visibility of ammo crates.


  • Fixed a rare bug that allowed players to be hit in the air after colliding with the world in confined spaces.
  • The edit mode UI has sometimes been corrected over non-player structures
  • Fixed that other players could not move smoothly while jumping.
  • Some keys on non-QWERTY keyboards did not bind after rebooting.
  • The Video Settings screen did not update properly after the full-screen mode was switched. 1
    9659014] Known Issues
    • You want to track the most common community issues? Go to our chic new Fortnite | Community Editions Trello Board here

    Battle Royale

    Weapons and Items

    • Missile weapon added.
      • Statistics:
        • Damage to players: Epic – 105; Legendary – 110
        • Environmental Damage: 1000
        • Lifetime: 18 seconds
        • Time between shots: 3.13 seconds
        • [19459016MissileSpeed: 1300 units / second
        • Missile Health: 100
      • Take direct control of the missile after being fired.
      • As soon as you have accepted You can not move your character from the rocket's point of view.
      • Separate yourself at any time from the rocket, in which the rocket will continue its trajectory.
      • Moves a bit slower than a normal rocket, but does the same damage.
      • Epic and legendary rarity
      • Uses rocket ammunition
      • Found in treasure chests + supply drops
    • Adapted rarity colors on shotguns to more accurately represent their effectiveness.
      NOTE: Properties (such as weapon damage, drop chances) are completely unchanged.
      • Tactical shot of weapons are now Common / Uncommon / Rare (was Uncommon / Rare / Epic).
      • Pump Shotguns are now Random / Rare (was frequent / Random).
    • The Egg Launcher was added as a seasonal item that replaces the grenade launcher (just a cosmetic change).
    • Increases the launcher launch rate by 25%.


    • Problems with Boogie bomb are fixed and this item is now re-enabled
    • Fixed an issue where spike traps were triggered when a player was standing on top of the wall of the trap ,
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from switching to ADS mode when landing Target button when jumping
    • Fixed a bug that caused the hunting rifle to duck or close up inaccurately fired.
    • Remote detonator detonator has now been correctly removed from your inventory if another player destroys your placed explosive devices in your inventory.
    • Fixed an issue with players that could stay in the sprint while using the detonator, but not the detonator animation.


    • Limited Time Mode: Sniper Shootout v2
      • Hunting rifle and crossbow added.
      • Revolver removed.
      • 19659010] Downed status is disabled. Discarded players are eliminated immediately.
      • Legendary weapons can only be found in supply drops.
      • Epic weapons can only be found in treasure chests.
      • Heavy ammunition drop Quantities:
        • Ground: 6
        • Breast: 6
        • Ammo Crate: 12
        • Replenishment: 18
        • Lama: 90

      [19659010] The order in which parts of player structures appear has been changed You are damaged.

    • Increased the number of prey spawns on Warmup Island.
    • The 30-FPS mode has been removed from Xbox One and PS4.
      • In v3.4, we made some important GPU optimizations that improved the visual quality, including the resolution in 60 fps mode, and now we feel there is little reason for using it 30 fps to play. – Developer Commentary

    Bug Fixes

    • Loose treasure boxes that could sometimes be displayed unopened from a great distance.
    • Fixed an issue that caused resurrected players to remain in an invalid state when a piece of the building was placed between the two players in the middle of the animation.
    • Bullseyes are no longer displayed after the challenge has been completed.
    • Fixed an issue where another player's headgear appeared
    • Fixed a rare issue where players lost their ability to control their character after jumping off the bus.
    • Fixed an issue where shrubs and other surrounding objects were no longer visible in the middle area


    • At startup, the message "Unsupported device" was added for some devices. This message is:
      "Fortnite needs a device with 2 GB RAM Fortnite works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, Pro. "
    • Added a new game data download system that will allow us to make much smaller updates in the future.
      • When you start this new version of Fortnite, all game data is downloaded that is full size (about 1.8 GB).
    • Antialiasing (4x MSAA) is now enabled on all supported devices.
    • Whispers and Party Text Chat are now enabled on mobile devices.
    • A short tutorial for & # 39; tap to swing & # 39; was added, which is displayed on first startup.
    • Added a message that informs players about jailbreak devices are not supported.
    • The automatic opening of doors is now based on typing instead of the current speed of the player.

    Bug Fixes

    • Continuous attack with the Harvesting Tool is now more consistent when you tap and hold twice The right side of the screen.
    • The left fire button is now more reliable and responsive.
    • The opening of treasure chests is now more responsive.
    • Various inconsistencies in typing have been resolved to be more specific.
    • Fixed the movement and appearance of the minimap
    • Fixed an issue where misfires were caused by tapping the screen and interacting with the HUD.
    • Fixed some issues where Tap, Tap + Hold actions were not registered as expected load times on the iPhone X.
    • Fixed a crash when quickly tapping on the Epic Friends List could occur.
    • Fixed Impulse Grenade effects were not visible enough at low settings.
    • Turbo Building and Automatic Material Swapping Settings Save Now.
    • Weapons and consumables can no longer be automatically picked up by the crashing player.


    • Important netcode optimizations to reduce the delay.
      • The responsiveness of the game has been improved by updating all players on the server in each frame. Previously only 50 players per frame could be updated.
      • Reduced delay at the beginning of the match by optimizing the network to improve overall server image rate.
    • Improved visual quality on consoles, including improvements in resolution and texture sharpness improvement.
      • Improved texture filtering on PS4 and Xbox One.
      • Improved texture resolution on Xbox One.
    • Improved frame rate when many other players are nearby.
    • Fixed hanging issue (19659014) UI
      • Party suggestions for your epic friends are now appearing on consoles in the lobby.
      • The map has been extended by a zoom function.
        • Mouse Wheel enlarges and reduces the size of the image.
        • Gamepad – Right shutter is zoomed in, left shutter button is zoomed out.
        • Touch – Swivel to zoom with your fingertip and pan.
      • The Removal Feed now displays the range for shots that destroy or eliminate other players over 50 yards for all weapons.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a bug that caused downed squads to appear as eliminated in the UI. Fixed an issue that prevented the placement of markers on the map when the map was opened during transition from warm-up island to the battle bus.
      • Fixed a bug that caused players to place minimap markers near the edge of the island. The game mode selection is no longer reset to "squads" when a new group member joins while another mode is selected.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the ping value to be inaccurate when "Show Net Stats" was enabled. The inverted controls option turns mouse cursor No (19659014) Art And Animation
        • Polished weapon particle effects for better Clarity:
          • The ball tracks are more detailed for rifles and pistols, which makes the determination of the firing direction somewhat easier
          • Projectiles with sniper rifles that hit the world have larger, more visible effects.
          • Shotgun pellets and player hit effects have been adjusted to show the spread of each shot more clearly and to make it easier to see how much of it hit an enemy.
          • Suppressed weapons have a much more subtle muzzle flash and no longer show smoke trails.
          • Pump shotgun and hand cannon fire animations have been polished, improving legibility and snippets.

        Bug Fixes

        • The Glow effect has been fixed on some chests that glow white.
        • Fixed an issue where the crossbow reload animation was used in situations where it was not. (19659014) Audio
          • The chirrup of Landing Supply Drops has been removed.
          • Hit alerts are issued when the player you are looking at lands a shield, body or a head hit.

          Bug Fixes

        • The tire pole bounce sound is now played by players while they are watching.
        • Crossbow bolts no longer play valentine sound effects when they hit players.
        • The search for sound effects now lasts for the entire duration of the quest for prey llamas 19659010] Fixed an issue that made player landing sounds difficult to hear when footfall sound was played.

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