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Fortnite Update 3.6 Adds new Clinger Grenade; Complete patch notes released

Fortnite has continued to evolve today with the release of its latest update, Version 3.6. The official patch notes reveal a new item, the Clinger, and much more, now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.

The Clinger is a new kind of grenade that is now in your vicinity or your enemies and explodes a short time later. It is an unusual item that can be found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas and Treasure Truests and is available in both Battle Royale and Save the World.

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  Gallery Image 1   Gallery Image 2   19659006] Save the World is also getting a new weapon, the Noble Launcher, which you can charge to inflict more damage on your opponents. Note that this weapon is not immediately available - it will arrive at Fortnite on April 25 at 5:00 PM PT / 8 PM ET (April 1, BST / 10 AM AET on April 26). </p>
<p dir= Several other changes have been made to Fortnite with the latest update. For example, short fences will not stop you from building, while utility waste will spawn twice as fast and fall twice as fast. In terms of the weapon tweaks, the minigun has increased its accuracy and damage and reduced its recoil; Remote-controlled explosives are now 40% less likely to be in treasure boxes. Read more in the full patch notes on Epic at the end of this article.

Fortnite's Week 9 challenges are now available and will solve you with a few simple things – such as inflicting a certain amount of damage on your opponents – and some more complicated goals like visiting three taco shops. The Challenges of Week 10 have now been leaked before their full release and include tasks such as finding chests in Fatal Fields and collecting 250 headshots.

Weekly challenges, despite the name, are typically more than a week, though week 10 is the last week of season 3. Everyone who buys the Battle Pass has Season 3 to complete it. You can see all the Fortnite skins and rewards with this Battle Pass to get an idea of ​​what you expect when you get in.

Whether you've bought the Season 3 Battle Pass or not, you can sign up to claim some free Battle Stars to earn some rewards: Epic Games has recently granted all players some freebies, to compensate for server problems. In the meantime, the steering rocket was removed, which proved to be controversial.

Fortnite Update 3.6 Patch Notes


  • The Twitch account association was removed from the game client due to scalability issues.
    • Twitch Prime account associations can still be made through the Epic Games website.


  • Fixed a problem with metal doors that did not make a sound when closing.

Battle Royale

Weapons and Objects

  • Clinger added.
    • Statistics:
      • Rarity: Occasionally
      • Habitat: Soil Booty, Storage Cans, Supply Llama, Treasure Chest
      • Explosion Delay (once attached to target): 2.5 seconds
      • Player Damage: 100
      • Structural Damage: 200
      • Radius: 1 tile
      • Max. Stack size: 10
      • Pickup Stack Size: 3
    • Stick this grenade to an enemy and wait for it to explode after a short while!
      • Can not explode in the air.
    • Will cling to a surface or a player.
    • Will explode early if a structure to which it is attached is destroyed.
  • Reduced chance to find remote-controlled explosives in treasure chests ~ 40%.
  • Minigun settings:
    • Increased accuracy by 10%.
    • Reduced recoil by 10%.
    • Increased damage from 16/17 (Epic / Legendary) to 18/19.
  • Greatly improved hit registration of long-range sniper rifle and crossbow bullets.
  • Port-a-Fort Enhancements:
    • Port-a-Fort tires no longer provide drop-resistance immunity after players bounce off of them.
    • Port-a – The trajectory preview now shows if it is built with stilts and a ramp.
    • The trajectory of Port-a-Fortt turns red when it's too high.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a collision issue with the port-a that could allow downed players to hide in them.
  • Fixed an issue where submachine guns were temporarily unreleased
  • Fixed an issue where Cozy Campfire was healed for another second.
  • Fixed an issue where red hit tokens did not show when the Rocket Launcher did damage.
  • The Red Light on Remote Explosives Can not (19659032) Fixed an issue that caused prey llamas consumables and replenishment drops to exceed the maximum stack size in a player's inventory.


  • Short fences will no longer prevent you from building. 19659032] The precision of the first shot is now reset when you duck, duck or switch between weapons.
  • Players are now spawning closer to their group members on the launch pad.
  • The groups of spawnpoints on the launch pad have been moved
  • Supply Drop Balloon Health has been adjusted based on playlist:
    • Solo: 500
    • Duo: 750
    • Squad : 1250
  • Supply Drops now spawn twice as fast and fall twice as fast. [19659060] Bug Fixes
    • Builder Pro
      • Fixed an issue where the primary fire could be interrupted while releasing targets.
      • Fixed an issue where sprinting could be stopped if you switched to build mode and wanted to quickly build a ramp
      • Fixed an issue where the player's weapons would fire automatically after a crash Structure was placed and changed to the weapon.
    • Fixed several problems with replenishment drops:
      • There is no balloon collision after opening the box.
      • Supply drops should no longer stick to structures, trees or air.
      • Fixed Port-a-Fort hovers hover in the air as Port-a-Fort is thrown on a supply crash.
    • Players no longer take action (19659032) Fixed an issue that caused the door to jump back when it approached the door after spamming the interaction input.
    • Fixed an issue where when editing the wrong building was put into edit mode another piece


    • Self-Service Cosmetic Returns was added.
      • Allows you to return up to 3 cosmetic purchases for V-Bucks (Lifetime).
      • What can be returned ?
        • Emotes
        • Glider
        • Harvesters
        • Back Bling
        • Outfits
      • What can not be returned ?
        • Raid
        • Raiders
        • Starter Pack
        • Founder Pack
        • Founder Pack Upgrades
        • Looted Llamas
        • Event and Weekly Item (Save the World)

    Bug Fixes

    • The Shadow Play Highlights button is visible again on the victory screen.
    • Fixed an issue where shadow play highlighting on the Lobby tab stopped working after switching to another tab. 19659032] Fixed a bug where the "Remove Marker" icon was removed from the map.
    • Fixed an issue where Teammates icons were rendering under the Battle Bus on the map.
    • An error closing the squad was fixed Comms wheel.


    • Improves the sound for multiple spawns of supply drops that indicate how many spawns and where they came from.

    Bug Fixes

    • The supply drop opening noise was inaudible from a distance.
    • Fixed a bug (19659032) Sound effects on metal doors now play when closing the doors.

    Art and Animation


    • Fixed an issue where parts of Raven's clothing stretched
    • Fixed a problem with the Bitmark pickaxe that prevented the bite Physics works properly.
      • Performance
        • Improved player hijacking (further improvements in version 4.0).
        • Fixed hanging when rendering foliage.
        • Reduced issues with Mac by adding precompiled shaders so they no longer need to be compiled in-game.


        • Option to enable a fire button added (right) (19659060) Bug Fixes
          • Interactions where players failed to revive team members and open chests have been resolved.
          • Fixed an issue where resources were being collected displayed in wron g location
          • Fixed an issue where characters occasionally moved when opening the map.
          • Fixed an issue that prevented the editing of federated structures.

          Save the World

          Weapons and Items

          • Clinger added.
            • This grenade sticks to targets and explodes a short time later.
            • Grenade does not damage player builds
            • Can be found in drops in the world and ends at the end of the mission.
          • Noble Launcher added.
            NOTE: This will be available on April 25 at 8:00 pm ET.
            • Heavy weapon that fires a wave of penetrating energy.
            • Has three states of charge:
              • Uncharged (0.5 tile wide)
              • Moderate charge (1 tile wide)
              • Max. Charge (1.5 tiles wide)
            • Causes energy damage that is quite effective against all types of Elemental Enemies.
          • Bacon can now be found in larger quantities …. wherever bacon can be found
          • Adapted Energy Ammunition Costs:
            • Amount of energy ammunition per ship has been increased from 80 to 100.
            • Energy Drops Ammunition in the world increased by 20%

          Missions and Systems

          • Salvage the settings of the drone mission:
            • The drone will now crash less frequently.
            • The drone should no longer crash alongside a primary missile mission has been improved to drop a greater variety of items.
            • Salvage of resources has been tripled.
          • In the Thunder Route 99, the destruction of mine support structures now provides the right wood resource.
          • Difficulty pylon costs were brought back to a level cost of 2 BluGlo per difficulty increase.
          • [Rework] Anomaly
            • The anomaly can be destroyed by anything that causes world damage, including abilities and shooting.
            • Once the anomaly has been destroyed, you must now restore the pieces by interacting with them.


          • Concrete corner walls in cities and industrial zones no longer block player-built structures


          • Defender's resurrection time has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.


          • Rifts and Encampments should no longer block projectiles
          • Traps no longer "float" when the wall on which they are located is destroyed.
          • Fixes a problem where remote explosives could not be thrown while sprinting.
          • Distant predictive staircase rotation, which often advises wrongly. [19659050] UI
            • Controllers can now zoom in on the mission selection screen by holding down the Shutter button.
            • Missions can now be selected by double-clicking on the map screen.
            • Ammo visualization removed from the HUD d Fixed instances that caused them to no longer reliably fit on the screen.

            Bug Fixes

            • Fixed an issue that prevented a search of the quest description for the quest "Reunion Tour".
            • Fixed an issue where the quest updates were missing (19659032) Fixed an issue where rewards were displayed off-screen on the mission selection screen.
            • Fixed a delay that occurred when you left a mission after pressing the "Return to Home Base" button.
            • Significantly reduced
            • Fixed an issue where high level players could only reach level 124. You can now step up to level 125.


            Bug Fixes

            • Fixed an issue with Bullet Storm Jonsey's "Start Up" and "Start Faster" bucks not to grant the correct amount of bonus firing rate.
            • Fixed an issue where players could shoot during the constructor's Bull Rush animation.


            Bug Fixes

            • Fixed an issue where certain factors were considered


            • "Feel the Base" Soundwave sounds have been redesigned to have more effect and more … to have bass!

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