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Fortnite Week 6 Challenges: Pinnacle; Metal bridge, three billboards and crashed bus

In addition to a new update, Epic Games has released the next weekly challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale. As is usually the case, there are a total of seven new Battle Pass owner goals that can be completed on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile; You can see how to complete them in the video above. An important note to keep in mind before diving is that the new time-limited mode, Sniper Shootout v2, will not provide any rewards, XP, or advances at the time of writing, but Epic is working on the problem.

A whole series of challenges this week are fairly easy, though they can take time and patience. For example, you have to place a Cozy Campfire, which of course requires you to get your hands on one. Do not forget to throw it as soon as you come across one to make sure you get the right.

Other challenges are simply a matter of being in the right place or using the right weapon. You need to deal damage with SMGs, open chests in Anarchy Acres, shut down safe explosions with explosive weapons (like the new Steering Missile), and eliminate enemies in the retail line. The last two are called heavy, but spend enough time in those places, and you should not have any difficulty in rewarding the 1

0 Battlesterne offered as a reward to everyone.

There are two others who are more involved. The first one asks you to climb 10 different mountain peaks. In other words, you just have to reach the top. You can either climb mountains individually or, if your starting position is not so important, simply land 10 times on a mountain at the beginning of each round. Note that you will mainly find mountains in the western half of the map.

The other more complex challenge is a hardship that challenges you to "search between a metal bridge, three billboards, and a crashed bus." As with previous targets like this one, it's only a matter of finding the Battle Star icon hidden between the specified objects. In this case you will find it on a small mountaintop in the E7 area of ​​the map (marked in the picture below). We have a more complete walkthrough here, or you can watch the above video.

You can see all the challenges of Week 6 below. As always, you'll need the Battle Pass to attend (with the exception of free challenges), and you'll have the full season to complete it, giving you time to do so by the end of April. Ending challenges rewards you with Battle Stars by turning up your Battle Pass and giving you a quick way to unlock the Season 3 cosmetic rewards. You can see all the challenges of Season 3 here.

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Fortnite Week 6 Challenges

  • Damage with SMGs to Enemies (500) – 5 Battle Stars
  • Chests in Anarchy Acres (7) – 5 Battle Stars
  • Place a Cozy Campfire – 5 Battle Stars
  • Summit different mountains peaks (10) – 5 war stars
  • Heavy: Search between a metal bridge, three billboards and a crash bus – 10 war stars
  • Heavy: Explosive weapon removals (3) – 10 war stars
  • Hard: Eliminate Opponents in Retail Line (3) – 10 Battle Stars

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