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Fortnite YouTubers Buy Mansion, decorate it like sad teenagers

Youituber Formula stands in front of the new villa that he just bought together with other Fortnite players.

Youituber Formula stands in front of the new manor house that he just bought together with others Fourteen days Player.
Screenshot:: One percent

See that one percent Fourteen days House, a mansion that bought some games YouTubers bought and turned into a vaguely funny looking huge home office. It is both a reminder that even if you “made it” as an influencer, the grind never stops, and that most people have no idea how to decorate a house like an adult / functioning person.

A video tour of the house took place on Sunday to announce the creation of a new influencer company called One Percent, made up of well-known personalities formerly part of the Luminosity Gaming Esport organization. It shows people with millions of YouTuber subscribers like Randumb, Kiwiz and Formula the “multi-million dollar property” they bought with “our own money”, while occasionally buying limited edition One Percenter items like hoodies and Sell ​​t-shirts. The video begins with a shot outside the property with chic cars in the driveway. It is as if they wanted to restore opulence Self-help gripper Tai Lopez He showed the cars he had earned from reading books, but had no time to decorate the rest of the mansion.

“As soon as we enter, we have this wonderful 160 bottle wine exhibition, but none of us drink wine,” Formula says at the start of the tour, before telling potential sponsors that they can pay to have their products placed in the towering glass display case instead become . Whoever sold the house to them apparently also told them that Frank Sinatra, who was not known for playing the piano, had once played a mini-grand piano in the middle of the living room.

Photographic prints by Lux brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Dior also adorn the walls, either as colorful remains of people who previously owned the house, or as a barely veiled attempt to signal wealth and status through the design of displays Vanity Fair like a baby Andy Warhol who grew up on #millionairemindset Instagram accounts.

YouTuber Randumb visits his bedroom in One Percent's new Fortnite Villa.

YouTuber Randumb travels to his bedroom in One Percent’s new flat Fourteen days Villa.
Screenshot:: One percent

The YouTubers’ bedrooms are perhaps the saddest, not necessarily because they are lined with Funko Pops and really bizarre movie posters like one for 2015 focus with Will Smith, but because they look so tiny and sterile. They are only slightly furnished than that Guys empty apartments memes and mostly designed so that people who just threw a lot of money into a villa never have to leave a 200 square meter stain of it. “It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life: We have our own snack bar, boys,” says Formula, pointing to a cupboard with mason jars full of sour patch worms and other sweets. What about players? get rich and buy tons of candy?

Young social media stars Living together in a mansion to combine their strengths and reaching the next level of fame is all the rage right now, but tours like the one percent Fourteen days House infomercials are also clearly part of an attempt to use people’s existing wealth for sustained financial success. Who doesn’t want to join their favorite video game streamer as they keep climbing into the big time? Of course, the whole mirage works a little better if the life of the rich and famous that you subscribe to doesn’t look like they were rented from a Target catalog.

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