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Forza Horizon 4 Best Cars Guide: The fastest cars for every season and PvP

  Picture about Redditor Kennett-Ny

Picture about Redditor Kennett-Ny

Forza Horizon 4 puts nearly 1

000 unique vehicles on his car list, so you'll be forgiven if you're a bit intimidated when you do Right now you are starting and wondering where you can spend your credits. The introduction of the seasons also means that the roads and rails of the world place very different demands on your vehicle in summer and winter. A car that you like to drive in the spring may not be right for you when everything freezes.

When creating a guide to your garage, we identified a few key areas: overall speed and handling, winter suitability and boosts for credits / level loops. You can also read our guide to collecting super-wheelbases to unlock cars faster. With that in mind, we're going on tour with our fleet of Forza Horizon 4's best cars.

Koenigsegg One: 1

Price: 2,850 credits [19659007] Performance Class: S2 993

Yes again. FH3 players will have already spent a lot of time in the One: 1 due to their unparalleled straight-forward speed and surprisingly nimble handling, and despite the addition of some new super sports cars in FH4, this remains the fastest overall car.

Why does it matter? Well, it's true that in any vehicle you choose, you can take part in the vast majority of FH4 events when you do it in a One: 1, completing them faster. That means flashing through the game faster and earning credits faster. It's quite possible that in every race you will also earn a lot of ultimate high-speed bonuses that will help you increase your influence and unlock car perks – and if you reinvest these perks in this car, you can earn more.

The only drawback to the One: 1, aside from its silly name, is that it does not currently have a Forza Edition, so it has no speed, credits, or clean / dirty race boost. And that leads us pretty well on our next selection.

Pagani Zonda Forza Edition

Price: 1,950 credits (Free with VIP passport)
Class: S2 986 [19659004WhattheZonalacksinspeedagainsttheOne:1makesupforitwiththefollowing:It'sfreeforallVIPPassownershandleslikeadreamcomesinasolidgoldfinishandprovidesacleanskillboostLiketheKoenigseggit'salsogreatforsoloeventsandwhenyouswitchtoPvPitsstartingpowerof986meansyoudonotneedmoretoreach999

Other racers may have a slight straight line speed advantage at 999, but this is one of the lighter-weight hypercars that maintain control during a race – the snow is doing quite well, though we would not recommend one specifically for this purpose to buy. This is where our next choice comes into play.

Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX

Price: 500.000 Credits
Performance Class: S1 886

Without doubt the best car for the winter. The Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX is equipped with snow tires and perfectly matched to the handling of loose ground. He became famous under Ken Block in various Gymkhana stunt videos on YouTube. If you do not paint in the "three different Prodigy album covers have a fight", you can always apply a custom spray black is my choice.

Even out of winter there is no more efficient car for dirt races and rally events, which is why the price of 500,000 credits seems very cheap. In PVP racing, you want a car that maintains its balance and ease of steering when you maximize its performance rating, and that's exactly what this bright vehicle offers. The only significant drawback is a surprisingly low top speed, but in most off-road races you will not hit the limiter anyway, so it's just a problem during the freeroom.

Lamborghini Veneno

Price: 4.500.000
Classification: S2 943

I'm still standing on the fence, but until the release of more cars Forza Edition this could be the best PvP multiplayer car. If you go through solo events, we still recommend the One: 1 because you have a better chance of using the speed traps and because your rides between events are a bit faster. But if you're bumper to bumper with human adversaries, the Veneno compromise of top speed for handling and acceleration could just trump out trumps.

Audi TTS Coupe

] Price: 52,000 Credits
Performance Class: A 740

If You approaching the problem of vehicles from a different perspective, the TTS Coupe is offered to you free of charge. At the beginning of the game it is a fantastic and surprisingly versatile offer. It can be upgraded to a S2 944 for less than the cost of a real hypercar, is one of the best vehicles in the A category, offers easy and stable handling over road races and since you can compete in any car urgent need to sell for hours. Even weeks.

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