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Forza Horizon 4: LEGO Speed ​​Champions is one thing I have not used yet – E3 2019


I hope you like wedge-shaped cars …

Forza Horizon, more than the excellent but far more serious Forza Motorsport, has always been pure joy. Each Forza Horizon entry is like a 72-degree summer day with a light breeze in the form of a video game. Forza Horizon 4 has taken the series to a new level, and even tries to improve on the outstanding Horizon 3 in the expansion packs section. The third Horizon brought us one of the biggest uses of a license ever, with the Hot Wheels add-on, and now Forza Horizon 4 gives us LEGO Speed ​​Champions.

The bizarre and compelling, glamorous LEGO games with film license are from the British studio Traveler's Tales. No wonder the Horizon 4 LEGO Speed ​​Champions developed by other Brits Playground Games have the same sense of humor. It's great for Horizon, from a fun reef in the intro sequence of FH4 to a few cut scenes with LEGO characters scattered throughout the events.

With the LEGO license, Forza Horizon 4 can also go totally wrong. In the short E3 hands-on demo, I saw a UFO in the sky (which chased me a bit on the track), funny LEGO-built cows that crossed the street, and ramps that turned into super jumps. Of course, all cars are LEGO-capable. The demo began in a brick-built version of a McLaren Senna before ending in a vintage Mini Cooper. I smashed LEGO flowers, dodged dinosaur bones, plowed football fields, avoided passenger airplanes on active airstrips, and more.

It's obvious that the proven, wonderfully good Forza Horizon drives sensation and physics underpin the exaggerated LEGO stupidity. I really think I had a smile on my face the whole time. This will make a lot of people ̵

1; no matter their age – happy when it appears on June 13th.

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