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Four new champions and Hextech Origin for TFT now available at PBE • The Game House

Later on July 31, it is announced that TFT will add a new Hextech origin as well as four new Champions from League of Legends: Camile, Jayce, Vi and Jinx. All this will be immediately transferred to the PBE and go live on August 14th with patch 9.16 . Here is a brief overview of everything related to the new changes:

Hextech Origin

At 2/4, Hextech disables 2/4 random items on the enemy board at the start of the fight. All of the following four new heroes have Hextech origins in addition to their classes.


  • Class : Blademaster
  • Level : 1
    • Ability : Hextech Ultimatum ̵
      1; Camille roots and damages her auto-attack target and her abilities will focus on this new target.

    With the new Bladmaster break points, Camille adds a good early and late game to the class. When grinding cumbersome targets, it should help focus them quickly and effectively. TFT Champions Jayce]: 2

    • Ability [Thunderbolt and Transformation of the Mercury Cannon] – Jayce repulses a target and then switches to ranged combat, reaching maximum attack speed for some initial attacks.

    Jayce will be a good early game disruptor and has very low mana cost (50) for shapeshifters. This should help the class lift off the ground faster and disrupt the enemy fronts in the early game.


    • Class : Brawler
    • Level : 3
    • Ability and Battery – Vi finds the farthest enemy and shoots him, he casts everyone aside on his way. When it reaches the target, it is destroyed and damage is done.

    Bats seem to have been honed in the latest patch, and this should help even more in this regard. With Vi and Volibear as 3-Cost-Brawler the class should give a strong figure in the middle of the game.

      TFT Champions
    Courtesy of Riot Games


    • Class : Gunslinger [19659006] Level : 4
    • Ability : To be excited – Jinx wins after her first elimination at attack speed, and after her second, she inflicts AoE damage on automatic attacks.

    Jinx will be high risk / reward champion and has potential as she gets more and more excited. If she comes to Gunslingers, they are likely to experience a great revaluation in the late game.

    In addition to all these exciting changes, TFT has just been confirmed as a permanent mode in League of Legends. This was more or less expected, but should still give the players comfort when they know it is a game that will be available in the foreseeable future. See our website .

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