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Four reasons to feel optimistic after the first week of the Bear Camp

The first week of the training camp is in the books of Coach Matt Nagy and the novel Chicago Bears. After an offseason full of excitement and praise, the Bears have maintained the positive momentum in practice and given the fans several reasons to be optimistic about the first week of play in the preseason.

The Bears will be against the Ravens in the 2018 Hall of Fame Game on August 2nd. It will be the first opportunity for fans to get a feel for Nagy's in-game style, and perhaps the first look at some of the team's shiny new toys.

Don For the latter, however, there is too much to hope for. It is unlikely that Chicago will risk a breach of its key starters in an extra preseason game. Instead, the Hall of Fame game will be an extra week of filming for the coaching staff and the front office for boys fighting for Roster spots.

Regardless of how many replays (if any) starters get on Thursday night, the game represents an opportunity to build on several positive sides through camps so far.

Swaggy Nagy

What a Fresh Air Breath Trainer Nagy has been to the Bears and the City of Chicago. He has brought the personality back to a franchise that has had a decent share of boring coaches in recent years. Whether it's his youthful approach to the job or his natural behavior, it is obvious that players are buying even though they are not yet playing a single game. The bears have the right man in the head coach.

Mitch Trubisky is Leader

Trubisky still has plenty to prove before he is crowned a franchise quarterback in the NFL, but he has already established himself in his second position as leader of the Bears season , In fact, he has equipped the quarterback position that Nagy has brought as head coach with the same qualities. Guys believe in Trubisky's work ethic and character. He really cares about what's needed to win games and he's on the right track. Being the face of one of the biggest sports franchises in the world is not too big for him, and that's a great sign.

Allen Robinson is Healthy

It does not often happen that a player coming out of a tattered ACL will sign a three-year, $ 42 million deal in free agency, but that's exactly what the bears have Robinson pays to bring life to the lifeless receiver corps of the team. But in the days, weeks and months after signing the contract, questions about his health and whether he would complete full-time training remained. Then came last Friday when Robinson was medically approved for practice. He looks sharp and does plays. Although he is not 1

00 percent healthy, he is almost there. Whew.

Robinson is not the bear's only playmaker

It's great that Robinson is healthy. But even if he was not, the first week of the training camp proved that Chicago's offense is light-years ahead of last season. Taylor Gabriel has teamed up with Trubisky for big games on the sideline, Kevin White flashing in the first round, Trey Burton showing off his athletic ability and Anthony Miller in the second round looking like a future Pro bowler. The Bears finally seem to have an offense that has enough weapons to actually force a defensive coordinator to earn his paycheck.

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