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Fourteen Days Summer Day 13 Challenge and Reward

The challenge for Day 13 of the 14 Days of Summer Fortnite event is now live. Here's the challenge you have to meet, and what reward you will earn.

A new challenge is released daily for the 14-day summer event. As we are now at Day 13, there will be only one day left with challenges. The rewards you get by completing these challenges apply only to this event. Therefore, make sure that you have completed all before the end of the event.

Here's the challenge for Day 13 and the reward you get for completing the challenge.


  14 Days Summer Fortnite Event - Day 13 Challenge and Reward
14 Days Summer Fortnite Event – Day 13 Challenge and Reward

Click on the challenge above for complete instructions on completing today's challenge. You only have to look for the tiny rubber duck once. However, this challenge is slightly different from the other challenges and can be difficult because only one person at a time can search for the duck.

Once you've completed the challenge, you'll be awarded the Sparkles Music Pack. as seen below. This is of rare rarity and has the description, "Press play and glitter".

  Fortnite 14 Day Summer Event Day 13 Reward - Music Package
Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Event Day 13 Reward – Sparkles Music Pack

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. There are also new LTMs (Limited Time Modes), which are changed daily. The new weapon is not curved for 24 hours. For Day 12, the Rumble LTM has been added to the playlist. This is different from Team Rumble, as there are not two big teams, but squads.

Rumble's description reads: "Fight in an action-packed mode with your squad around the Victory Royale, where the first player's turn! Achieve the desired number of eliminations!

  Twelfth day of 14 days of summer event - Rumble LTM and tactical SMG not domed
Fortnite Day 12 of 14 Days of Summer Event – Rumble LTM and Tactical SMG Unvaulted

The indestructible weapon was the Tactical SMG and both will be replaced in an hour. We will notify you as soon as the new mode and the indestructible weapon are available to play / use in the game.

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