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Fox News Shannon Bream helps the young Avengers fan die

Fox news journalist Shannon Bream was accidentally at the center of one of the most inspiring stories on the Internet this week, when a tweet designed to help a young, terminally ill fan realize his dreams became viral. On Sunday Bream tweeted "Need your help Twitterverse – try to help a dying young boy, he probably only has days and all he is [wants] is a greeting from one of the Avengers, if you have a Celeb connection, please let me know, can you help out with an RT? Thanks in advance! "

Within hours, she received a response from CNN journalist Jake Tapper, who offered to join her and 1

1-year-old boy Emilio Pachón with Paul Rudd. The tweet became viral and she received responses from people like Chris Evans, Paul Bettany, Ryan Reynolds, Don Cheadle and more. Hours before Pachón died on Wednesday, Bream was talking to reach him with Mark Ruffalo.

Even after death, Bream continued to tweet gratitude, telling Emilio's story, "Emilio's simple request triggered an avalanche of goodness and wonder." EW called Bream to see how it all came about and what the experience was Heard and Pachón's family before their show Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream .

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You met Emilio's uncle in a plane. How soon did you send your tweet?
SHANNON BREAM : I met him in an airplane about six weeks ago and we talked and exchanged business cards and restaurant recommendations. I had not heard anything in the meantime. I did not think otherwise. I received an e-mail from him on Sunday and he said: "I do not know if this will work, my 11-year-old nephew Emilio is dying of cancer, he may only have a few days left, and I know that new Avengers movie comes out, maybe they press, would you know anything about how to contact them? Because his only wish is to hear from one of the Avengers. "I said to him," I'm not once sure what Avengers are, that's awful, but I'm just not on the franchise movie or who the characters are, I do not know people in Hollywood, but I'll see if I can do anything to help. " I'm really thinking of myself, "I'm not going to do much, but I'm going to at least make an effort and I'll come back to him." On Sunday, when that email came in, I just had that Leave church where the pastor a great preaching "You have to pray for things These are so great that they go beyond your own resources, your human abilities. Things that only God can do. Where he can get the loan. "That hit me when that email arrived and I talked to Tim, his uncle, and I thought," Do you know what? I'm just going to say a prayer while sitting here in my kitchen and sending this tweet, and we'll see what happens. "It got viral very quickly, I heard from Jake Tapper on CNN, he reached out to me and said," Hey, I'm friends with Paul Rudd. He plays ant. Let's see if we can get a video of him to Emilio, and that was the first one to come in. Chris Evans, Captain America, held out his hand and it started snowing at the end of Sunday, we had more than 10,000 retweets and things really started to come – people had connections with different directors or PR contacts they had, and it became like snow from there.

Were you surprised? How soon did it get the reaction?
I really was … I never would have been in my wildest Imagination thought that so many people in such a fast time would be able to step forward and bring us videos and news Emilio while he was in the hospital.in fact, within 48 hours we had Don Cheadle and Zachary Levi, Paul Bettany, Benedict Wong There were so many people performing – Chloe Bennett, Clark Gregg, Elizabeth Olsen, the list goes on and on, people even say, "Hey, I'm not part of the franchise." 59012] Avengers but I've played a role in one of the movies or am minor character or spin-off. "And I said," We'll take whatever you have – if you're a superhero or someone in a costume the kids realize it, I'm sure they'd like to hear from you. "His family was really overwhelmed by how fast these were things came in. I had a connection to Mark Ruffalo, who came online through Twitter, and I referred him to the family, and they had made a call. Mark plays the hulk and on Wednesday afternoon he should call Emilio at the hospital. I was so excited to email him. Emilio has two little brothers who are twins; They enjoyed every minute of it, and we were so excited that Mark stretched out and made that phone call on Wednesday afternoon. Within hours, I heard from Tim [his uncle] and he said Emilio had passed away and the family was only really grateful for this amazing thing, which basically happened over three days. He got these messages and could see them, and they lit the hospital, they said. The last few days for him and his brothers, only to see how completely strangers approached and took time for this little boy I could never meet, they will never meet.

What does that mean? to the family and Emilio from your interactions with them?
I get a recorded audio message from Emilio, and he really fought for every breath. He was heavily sedated in the last few days and was really in a tough time, but he was so excited about each of these messages that had come in. I could see most of them. They were very personal to him and encouraged him and told him that the Avengers were there and moved in and they knew he was also a fighter. They were so inspiring. I have had many tears in my eyes in the last two or three days when I saw how these things came to him. The family said it just made a big deal for him. The last few days in the hospital were so different and so uplifting, because they could not believe how many people were willing to step in and give their time and do that for him, for complete strangers and to lighten the room for him, too, brothers who loved to see all the messages that came in. They are even younger and they love all things, superheroes and avengers. We are just incredibly moved. All of us involved in this could not believe how powerful the outflow was.

On a personal level, what does all this mean for you?
I think I was in the right place at the right time to meet Tim. I do not think that anything is coincidence. I am a person of faith, so I believe we should meet and that this Twitter event should take place. I'm just overly humbled that this has become what it did. So many of the celebrities who came to me were incredible, incredibly friendly and down to earth, and I've just seen the best of humanity and certainly the best of social media, which I often consider a terrible place. This proves that it can actually be used for amazing, good things and people really have compassion and care for those in need. An 11-year-old boy who had a big dream that we had such a short period [to fulfill] and he actually came true.

Want to add something about Emilio or his family?
He actually wrote a book last year, if you can believe that. He is a lovely guy. You can see his video on his foundation. It's the Genes Foundation, a group that started its family with a few others, because when they were confronted with this diagnosis, they were incredibly overwhelmed like any family. They wanted a socket, a place where people and families faced with really difficult diagnoses had access to information and various experts. Emilio wrote the book last year and all the proceeds go to the foundation, and it's a story about a young man and his twin brothers and the adventures they make. It's fictional, but I think it probably has a lot of truth in his family and his life. He used to fight this cancer before, and they really thought he was completely in remission and completely healed, and not so long ago he came back and there was nothing left to do. But I hope her hope is that his little life will not only be an encouragement to the people, that there is really much good in the world, but hopefully through the Genes Foundation, they will be able to help other families as well. 19659002] Fox News @ Night w / Shannon Bream airs during the week at 11 pm ET.

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