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Fox News welcomes its latest Democratic boxing bag

Fox News announced Monday that longtime Democratic police chief Donna Brazile joined their network and confused more than a few viewers.

After all, is not this woman the same woman who has spent many Fox News correspondents in the last two years teasing coal for leak of Democratic Democratic debates in 2016 to then-candidate Hillary Clinton? In fact it is!

Really, it's not that hard to understand Fox News thinking. The Cable News Racket is more entertainment than direct news. Fox News understands that better than most. Brazile rental is a good show business.

"I'm delighted to join FOX News," Brazile said Monday in a statement. "I know I'm being criticized by my friends in the Progressive Movement for being with FOX News. My answer is that if we have learned anything from the 201

6 elections, we can not have a country where we do not speak with those who disagree with our political views.

She added, "There is an audience on FOX News that does not hear enough from Democrats. We need to address this audience and show the Americans of every streak we stand for instead of retreating to our "safe rooms" where we just agree.

Brazile debuted on Monday afternoon on "The Daily Briefing" with hostess Dana Perino.

Fox News's new contributor wrote elsewhere on an editor posted on the Fox News website: "Will I join in with my commentators Probably not, but I'll listen, will I question them when they talk about hard-working Americans, low-income people, and issues like climate change that I disapprove of? Absolutely, but I'll do it with courtesy and respect I will also openly admit the weaknesses of liberal arguments and strength in conservative positions. "

She added," And I welcome the opportunity to question many of the false assumptions about Progressives, especially those newly elected to Congress To leave the world in a better place, you must help make the world a better place Just as it takes many ingredients to make a good gumbo, many voices need to be heard before we can move forward as one person. That's why I'm so looking forward to the honest and passionate debate about our future at Fox News. "

Brazile is not a dummy, but she is not made to change her mind or start talking. It is used for the entertainment value, as a slide for the hosts of the network. Fox News viewers are already prepared to see them as villains, which means that their inevitable showdowns with the network's conservative and pro-Trump heroes will ensure gonzo virus ratings.

That Fox News brings a democratic establishment at a time when its party is moving far, far left, is also hinted at by a cunning political rendition of executives from Fox News. Eventually, there will be a moment when Brazile rolls his eyes on the antics and politics of increasingly popular progressive politicians, including MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. That makes especially good TV and clickable messages. It is smart.

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