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France vs Belgium 2018 WC final score and analysis

ST. PETERSBURG – This brilliant, wretched, wonderful, hideous, robust and weak World Cup character, France, has risen to a new lease after Tuesday night at the St. Petersburg stadium. It is the only country to have won three FIFA World Cup finals in the last 20 years, beating Belgium 1-0 in the first semifinal of the 2018 World Cup.

How funny, when it comes to World Cups France tends to lean towards the extremes of sterling or terror. Either it breaks the title and bothers Brazil as it did in 1998; or achieves zero targets in a dud in 2002; or skip Spain, Brazil and Portugal until the final in 2006; or present to the world 201

0 an unusually depressing stew of disagreement; or he presents himself refreshingly in the quarterfinals of 2014. This time he has played his first six games here as a bastion of competence, can handle any game, is intoxicating in the attack on Argentina and beats the defense against Belgium. [19659003] "We have the great privilege of reaching the final of the World Cup," said Didier Deschamps, a French midfielder who made the Champs Elysees the place of the earth on the night of 12 July 1998. and now the manager of the French team that made the Champs Elysees the place the world will be on Tuesday night. He said: "We are not doing everything right, but of course there is progress, I am very proud of them, I am also very proud of their mentality."

In addition, France will be favorites against England or Croatia on Sunday arrive in Moscow. That's 20 years after coming into the final as a favorite against Brazil. Win, and it can score pretty well among the World Cup mastodons, if it can not already. Far from reversing a 2-1 knockout round tie against Argentina in a manner that required "solidity" Deschamps said, but also outrageous talent, France won a semi-final that turned inches – or, excuse me, centimeters. As it evolved, it seemed to spin, and so it turned, the moment a player squeezed out a power.

This player could have come from the French invaders Olivier Giroud or Antoine Griezmann or the stunning Kylian Mbappe. or by Belgian threats like Eden Hazard or Romelu Lukaku or Kevin De Bruyne. It turned out that Samuel Umtiti, the former defender of Lyon, hit a picture in the 51st minute.

Griezmann's corner kick from Blaise Matuidi's good run, which had set up Giroud in the moments before, crashed

The Belgian Marouane Fellaini, listed at 6-foot-3-and-then-some, went up [19659008] France's Umtiti, listed at 5-10, materialized.

When he went to the right Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…20&Itemid=32 […] Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…=view&id=167. 39 & Itemid = 32

Belgium manager Roberto Martinez: "To score the first goal was very difficult because of the way France was set up." [19659012] Deschamps on the French defense: "I do not know if it's the biggest, but it was excellent tonight."

Umtiti, the 24-year-old: "If you're not particularly tall, it's important to be the determination," and, "He's a very powerful player, Marouane Fellaini, but I managed to get a head in front of him.

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France did not necessarily impose a ban – Belgium had chances, four minutes later, with a Fellaini header that went right past the post – but it was a tough game of work, determination and know-how. It cemented that through its five wins and its only meaningless goalless draw against Denmark at the end of the group game, it played like an outfit that knows that.

"We spent 49 days together" in training and playing, Deschamps said. "Who would have thought that we had reached the final of the World Cup?" Answer: who has watched her.

So they did not create the rage that some other kingpins would have. A stadium for a game France-Belgium, even with 64,286 spectators, was a question of some lukewarmness. Part of the French fans proved to be tireless at one end, while at the other end some of the Belgian fans proved tireless. Otherwise there was a neutrality. There was even the feeling that French and Belgian fans in general have the distorted sense of football as part of life, not the other way around. Due to noise, the joint was missing Brazilians or Colombians, Peruvians or Mexicans.

Well, here at the European de facto championship in 2018, the neighbors played closely together. Everyone had a flourish that showed why he could beat Argentina or Uruguay, like France, or fell back to Japan 2-0 and then beat Brazil like Belgium. They exchanged their dazzling talents, many beautiful things that went back and forth, even if it was not too much panting threat.

Perhaps Belgium's best chance came after 18 minutes when Hazard sent a lovely curling-thing off the top left of the box towards the right post of the gate, and French defender Raphael Varane just seemed to get enough hair to it just to drive over the gate. This could have demonstrated the importance of high quality hair product.

Otherwise, Belgium tried, but France mastered. Belgium ended with a "big" disappointment, Martinez said of his high-caliber generation, while France was still hoping to make good on his big disappointment with the final score of Euro 2016 against Portugal in Paris. It ended on Earth for the third time in 20 years on Earth's last Sunday.

"They had better control than we did," Deschamps said of Belgium, but France had also managed their second win in a row over a first-leg defender's score, taking into account Varane's clever header in the quarter-final against Uruguay.

It seems as if it could win in any way, making it another French team among all the well-known French teams.

– Chuck Culpepper


In-game updates

Yellow card to Belgium Vertonghen

In the 94th minute

Yellow card to France's Mbappe

In the 93rd . Minute [19659030] Belgium replacement: Batshuyai for Chadli

In the 92nd minute

Officials add six minutes stoppage time

Yellow card to France's ridge

In the 87th minute

France substitute : Tolisso for Matuidi

In the 86th minute

France replacement: Nzonzi fo Giroud

In the 85th minute

Lloris beats equalizer

In the 80th minute Axel Witsel had in the 80th minute parried a shot from the 18-yard box, which went through the French defensive and found the way goal. But Hugo Lloris was there for another save to save the French leadership.

Belgium replacement: Carrasco for Fellaini

80th minute

Yellow card for Belgian Alderweireld

71st minute.

Fellaini on the verge of equalization

The arrival of Dries Mertens for Belgium is already reanimating the offensive of the Red Devils. Mertens from the right throws a cross into the box and Marouane Fellaini took the lead in the 65th minute. France continue to lead 1-0

Yellow card to Belgium's Hazard

In the 63rd minute

Belgium replacement: Mertens for Dembele

In the 60th minute

Goal France!

Samuel Umtiti scores after a corner in the 51st minute to make it 1-0 for Les Bleu. Umtiti, the central defender, ran from Antoine Griezmann to the next post on the corner and flicked his header on the back post.

Halftime: France 0, Belgium 0

Free flowing after 45 minutes, hard football, France and Belgium brought with them many opportunities, but on such a high stage you could expect too much too soon to change them. Les Bleu and the Red Devils spent the first half of their semi-final match in a goalless draw.

The stars of both sides had good shots on goal. Both goalkeepers provided a highlight to get the empty scoreboard. And halfway through regulation, the long-term opponents are back where they started.

Belgian striker Eden Hazard continued his brilliant game with a 16 minute, which narrowly defended against the crossbar. Toby Alderweireld had a chance of making a corner kick in the 21st minute but the Frenchman Hugo Lloris was up to it and shot the ball away with two hands.

The French offensive soon responded with fearsome 19 The young striker Kylian Mbappe, whose speed on the court is unmatched. Benjamin Pavard was one-on-one with Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois five minutes before half-time, but the defensive team's kick-save kept the game goalless.


Additional time

Courtois kick-save

Benjamin Pavard struck France in the 40th minute with Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Pavard aimed his shot over the gate and Courtois's body, but the goalkeeper got his right foot and kinked him out for a brilliant kick-save.

Hugo Lloris rescues the French defense

The Red Devils pour early on opportunities. In the 21st minute, Toby Alderweireld fired from a corner of the Belgians a shot intended for the right side of Lloris's net. But the goalkeeper reached out and used two hands to keep the game goalless.

(Michael Dalder / Reuters)

Belgium gets the first shot of the night

And boy, it was a good shot. Kevin De Bruyne shot a pass in the penalty area to Eden Hazard, who shot and fired quickly, believing defenders were close by. He raced across the goal area, past a diving Hugo Lloris, France's goalkeeper, and ran out of play.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Belgian King Philippe present

Launch Plots Posted

Team Profiles


  • Past Results: In the group match, defeated Australia, 2-1; defeats Peru, 1-0; Denmark, 0: 0. Defeated Argentina in the round of 16, 4-3. Uruguay in the quarter-finals, 2: 0
  • Best World Title: Champion, 1998.
  • Noteworthy: Kylian Mbappe is the first teenager to score two goals in a World Cup match against Sweden since 1955.
  • FIFA World Ranking: 7th Elo World Rankings: 2nd


  • Previous results: In the group match Panama defeated 3-0; defeated Tunisia, 5-2; defeat England, 1-0. Defeated Japan in the round of 16, 3-2. Defeat Brazil in the quarterfinals, 2-1.
  • Best World Cup place: fourth place, 1986.
  • Remarkable: The Red Devils started the tournament in eighth place in the Elo ranking. Since then they have slipped up five places.
  • FIFA World Ranking: 3rd Elo World Ranking: 3rd

– Jacob Bogage

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