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Avengers: Endgame would not be the conclusion of Phase 3 of the MCU – Film News

A promotion of the caliber of Avengers: Endgame it's like a territorial war. It is absolutely necessary to occupy the ground and all punches are allowed. Stop telling anything for months …

If there's one thing that makes us happy there at once, then it's worth knowing that in less than 24 hours Avengers: Endgame will be FINAL appear in theaters. And that means this marathon promotion will FINALLY be completed and we can finally move on . However, nothing is less certain when we know that we will have a long debriefing period and that we must also consider that Phase IV of the MCU should not be missed.

  Photo, Chris Evans The end of the game is not as final as that, in fact

If you've followed everything, you know that Endgame marks the end of Phase 3 and Marvel was careful not to tell us what exactly was waiting for us at the moment. We have a vague idea, but all this will depend on the conclusion of the last Avengers . Still not really, in fact, since Marvel evidently has been screwing us a few months ago on this topic

While it was thought that Endgame = end of Phase 3, we learn here through the site ScreenRant that this is actually not the case at all. In fact, during an event in Shanghai in honor of Spider-Man: Far from Home you are not the one that Kevin Feige, the head of the studio Marvel, s An intervention of which he has the secret to tell a journalist that had actually completed the new adventure of Spidey's Phase 3 and not Avengers:

 Photo Robert Downey Jr Even Tony Stark does not know what to think.

"This movie is the end of Phase 3. And you are the first person I say it to."

This could be completely anecdotal, if that were not the case would not call into question the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame and its implications. When you think about it, Endgame was always presented as the end of an era in which all the stories come together and finish and go in a new direction. Now that Kevin Feige has said that, one can think that Far From Home will have that honor and serve as the long successor to the 10-year Marvel Movies . A much bigger movie in the end than we thought, even though Endgame should do a lot of things

In short, more than a day to wait and you get fixed. Spider-Man: Far from Home will appear on our screens on July 3rd.


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