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Case of Guillaume Seznec. The disturbing revelations of his grandchildren

The grandsons of Guillaume Seznec confided the testimony of their father Guy to France 2 on Sunday, May 6th. The death of Pierre Quéméneur was a manslaughter following a dispute with Tommy's wife, Guillaume Seznec, her grandmother. In this extraordinary case, her grandfather was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1924.

In 1924 Guillaume Seznec was convicted of murdering Pierre Quéméneur. He spends twenty years in prison. Nearly a hundred years later, this Sunday, his grandchildren, Jean-Yves and Gabriel, at the age of 61

and 51, trust a completely different version in the program "7 pm on Sunday", on France 2

Jean Yves and Gabriel Seznec, grandsons of Guillaume Seznec. | Screenshot 2 France

"For us, this is the true truth. The truth that they hold about their father, Guy, or" little Guillaume. "A year before his death in 1981, he told them what he did "Dad said to me: 'It's a simple matter that was extremely complicated', confided to Jean-Yves before they begin their report of the "Seznec Affair"

" Marie-Jeanne Seznec had a defensive gesture"

"It was a Sunday after him, he played in the yard and listened to his Mother scream and fight. He went to the window and saw Quemeneur lying on the floor. Death. The grandmother (Marie-Jeanne Seznec N.D. L.R.) had a defense gesture.

Here is her account of this affair: "an involuntary manslaughter" . Pierre Quéméneur allegedly abused Marie-Jeanne Seznec, who rejected him. He would have died while falling. But Guy Seznec saw only the lifeless body, not the violence, nor the case. Guillaume Seznec would not have been present during the drama. The father came back a few hours later, this is the first time he saw her cry.

" The church knew"

Why has the Sežnec family been around such a secret for nearly a hundred years? "They were very religious. In front of a representative of the church, certainly a bishop, everyone has vowed to say nothing. The church knew it. A pact with God that no one in this family of followers would have broken

Except Marie-Jeanne, who would have confessed to the gendarmes. "But she was not believed. Investigators believe she wants to save her husband, Guillaume Seznec would have buried the body with a friend. " We do not know what they did with it " The Grandchildren Say

Those who know this version told by "Little Guillaume" have never intervened, even between them.The name Seznec was hard to bear. "A Taboo" . A strange case was "not affected" by this case .This Sunday. "I think deep inside, our father hoped it would be told. "

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