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Form 1 | Hamilton: This is my first clash in F1 for a long time …

Lewis Hamilton thought he was second at the end of the race but Pierre Gasly resisted a lot. Worse, after his collision with Alexander Albon, the Mercedes driver was penalized for five seconds and eventually finished in seventh place. Interlagos will leave him a bitter taste in his mouth.

"It really was a difficult weekend for us, a very difficult race, especially when I tried to stay with Max" lamented Lewis Hamilton

. "The Red Bulls had a great pace, like This is often the case every year.

Lewis Hamilton publicly admitted that he is responsible for the clash with the Red Bull – he is one of the few in the paddock who publicly and immediately committed such guilt

"I take full responsibility. I came from behind, I'm the one who touched the other car. It seemed like there was an opportunity, I went, but it did not work out. I'm sorry about Alex.

"I was in the shooting window, I tried to catch Max, it was highly unlikely, but it was the target, I totally accept the blame for the incident, you seldom see me involved in such a collision "Alex, it will not be the last time he has to fight for a podium, he will meet other great races, it must be a bit hard to swallow, but I hope he can also learn from this experience.

"It's probably the first time since … I've been working with someone for a long time. But I had seen an open door … "

" I do not like colliding with other pilots. It was not my intention, I apologized to him immediately after the race.

The FIA ​​summoned Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes after the race to decide the incident. But as Michael Masi, the FIA ​​Race Director, says, Lewis Hamilton actually acknowledged his guilt directly.

"After the race, an investigation was to take place, the two drivers, Alexander Albon and Lewis Hamilton, were called in. But Mercedes blamed himself for coming and saying," You do not need to call us. "Lewis admitted [sa faute] & # 39; Ron apparently said that [Meadows, directeur sportif de Mercedes] And that was all

"There was an investigation, but you have a team that comes to you and says: & # 39; We made a mistake & # # 39 ;. So the poll for the other party is very easy!

At the start of the race Lewis Hamilton had publicly criticized the strategy of Mercedes, which had imposed a second series of tenders after the start. But in retrospect, he thinks his team was right in that regard.

"I think I should have been in psychiatry … but anyway Max would have overtaken me after his last lap and it would have been difficult to leave him behind without being tender, we gave everything.

"Strategically, the team really did a very, very good job.

James Allison, the technical director, admitted, however, that he had made a mistake as a beginner when, at the end of the race, he remembered Lewis Hamilton, who was in the pit in the second phase of the safety car. Mercedes gave Lewis Hamilton the choice, but at the moment informed him of the bad information ̵

1; the team assured that he would lose a seat and forgot the gap to Pierre Gasly.

"J have decided to stop" Lewis Hamilton reruns. "But they said I would lose only one position and it was two, so I gave it all, in the end I took a lot of risks.

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