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Franklin drops the news of Penn State's involvement in the radio broadcast

Penn State Coach James Franklin is known to have alerted the Nittany Nation to the fact that the program was verbally approved by tweeting "# WeAre … Better" , On Thursday night, he used a completely different tactic to reveal such important information.

For the first time we can remember, he dropped word of a commitment – though not the name of the player (who might be an NCAA injury) – on his weekly radio broadcast. The show will be held at the Primanti Bros. restaurant in the center of the State College, and a fan questioned Franklin if the program has seen an increase in recruitment since the College Football Playoffs rankings were announced Tuesday and PSU was ranked fourth.

"Maybe your phone is ringing?" Asked the fan.

After Franklin had addressed the question in detail – more on that later – he said the following:

"We received another pledge yesterday evening. You do not know, nobody really does. You'll probably find that out on Monday. "

The NCAA rules prevent college coaches from naming certain recruits by name, which is why Franklin never does in these revelations – whether on Twitter or now on the radio. But the fans of Nittany Lion are now on high alert when the news arrives on Monday.

Penn Start has 27 known commitments for his class from 2020 and three for his class from 2021.

Back to the original question: Here's the full transcript of Franklin's answer – minus a few jokes about your son's fan (the one North Carolina shirt for the show).

Remember, the question was, "Is your phone ringing?"

"I do not know if that's the case. Yes, there is a difference. I do not think winning is as effective as people might think. But the people we recruit and work against are the small margins you fight for. So it helps. Of course, if the child is confused and is between two really good schools and you are 8-0 and you are 6-2, then that can of course be the deciding factor.

"It helps, there is no doubt, I'll tell you, we did a really good job of recruiting … It's funny, it's always an interesting dynamic because you're recruiting very early and then what happens sometimes If your season goes on and you just finish 8-0 and wherever you finish, and now you might open some doors you did not expect, and you've already got most of your scholarships full Great – you should not make any commitments unless they are people you feel great for regardless of your record, and fortunately, we've done it.

"It's an interesting thing to be there , We have already started the next recruiting class. I think we already have three commitments for the next class. "So we just keep chugging away.

" We got another pledge last night. "You do not know, no one really does, you probably will Find out Monday.

"But many good things are going on, I appreciate you asking."


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