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Free Resident Evil 2 Remake DLC, Ghost Survivors, will be released in February

Last week saw the highly anticipated remastering of Resident Evil 2 for Capcom's Survival Horror. It's a great experience, but that's not the extent you get from buying it. new content is free on the way, and it's coming soon. Following a recent announcement on Ghost Survivors DLC Capcom has now confirmed that it will launch on February 15, offering players the opportunity to experience the game from three new perspectives.

According to Capcom Ghost survivors, "What if" will explore stories of three unfortunate souls who never managed to get out of Raccoon City. In No Time To Mourn players are changed to the owner of the gun shop. in Runaway, they play as the mayor's daughter;

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Resident Evil 2 for PS4, Xbox One and launched PC on January 25, has already proved a great success for Capcom. In Britain, the game debuted at the top of the physical sales chart. The title has also received almost universal acclaim from critics, including GameSpot. We rated it 9/10 in our Resident Evil 2 test and described it as "a horrible experience like no other".

"Resident Evil 2 is not only an excellent remake of the original, but also a strong horror game that leads to angst-triggering and grotesque situations and surpasses some of the best contributions to the series," wrote critic Alessandro Fillari. "Most of all, the remake is an impressive match for the fact that it's an all-in for the pure survival horror experience, sounds its awful sound and seldom fades until the story ends."

If you're new To familiarize yourself with Resident Evil 2, be sure to check out the summary of our stories before you dive into it. We've also put together a helpful guide on how to clear the 4th survivor bonus game. The remake also makes it easier to unlock the secret tofu mode.

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