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Fremont police replaced an old Dodge charger with a Tesla cop car

Photo: Fremont Police (Nixle)

The Fremont Police Department, located in the same state of Fremont, where the Tesla factory is located, has just bought a second-hand Tesla Model S 85 to provide a withdrawn Dodge vehicle. Replace charger. The car was outfitted with all the standard accessories for cop species and will soon be used as part of a pilot program to see if a Tesla complies with the task of the police.

You may recall that the LAPD carried out its own "pilot program" for the operation of model S car wagons, which leaked quietly a few years ago. Recently, local news reports that electric cars in Los Angeles did not reach miles. I think I would not hold my breath in the near future to replace a tidal wave of electric vehicles that replace regular police cars, but hopefully Fremont will get something new from the test sell this idea, but basically it sounds like that Fremont police believe that a Tesla police car could be built for about the same price as a regular Ford SUV, but can be cheaper and more environmentally friendly if it is operated over its lifetime.

by the Fremont police determine how much money this is: The 2014 Tesla Model S 85 was acquired in January 2018 for $ 61,478.50. Last year, Fremont's PD added things like a light bar, bumpers and ballistic barriers that have so far risen to $ 4,447, according to the US government. Utility lists are around $ 40,000 and setup costs are similar with what was spent on the Tesla's equipment, adding, "The Tesla's initial construction cost is slightly higher than that of a Ford due to the required adjustments."

Why the department bought a used Tesla instead of a new one, I would guess that the cost there is the main factor. We've contacted Tesla to see if the company has an official stake in this pilot program, and we'll update this post when we hear that.

The police department also said that one of these explorers typically burns $ 32,000 worth of gas and $ 15,000 worth of maintenance for five years. How expensive the Tesla operation will be and how long its useful life is, Fremont's PD hopes to say.

In order to recharge its new used Tesla, the Citys Police Complex has 872 kW solar carport locally installed structures and three charging stations "so the car will run on renewable energy.

The Fremont police have promised to "post more photos and information after the assignment and give our community the opportunity to get a closer look at the vehicle" at startup and set up a website with more information, including a more complete list of police equipment:

  • Ceiling light
  • Tail lights
  • Wheel arch lights
  • ] Headlight indicators
  • WatchGuard vehicle camera
  • Trunk lighting
  • Panasonic mobile digital computer
  • Bumper
  • Prisoner divider
  • Prisoner seat
  • Center console
  • Dashboard s for the driver and front passenger door [19659021] Police gear parts sound cooler when Elwood Blues rattles them. But it will be interesting to see how this used Tesla withstands the hard work.

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