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French and British fishing boats collide in the "Jacob's War"

LONDON – It's been called the "Scallop War" – a smoldering rivalry that reappeared this week when French and British ships collided in the English Channel, French fishermen seemingly throwing smoke bombs at their rivals, and the British called the Royal Navy for protection.

French state television and social media video footage of 35 small French fishing boats threatening five larger British ships early Tuesday morning in an international waters separating Britain from the US (19659002) At least one French boat was taken from a Scottish ship met.

A French official said no one had been injured in the collision, but called the encounter "extremely dangerous."

The French argue that British fishing vessels have an unfair advantage. The French government does not allow scallops to be caught until October to preserve the stock.

But the British have no such restrictions. Large boats from Scotland come into these waters every year, hoping to make a good catch within the catch quotas.

Dimitry Rogoff, head of the Normandy Regional Fisheries Committee, France, told The Guardian: For the British it is an open bar – they fish whenever they want, wherever they want and as much as they want. "

" We do not want to stop them from fishing, "he added," but they could at least wait until October 1st for us to share. "On Wednesday he was not immediately available for comment.

The French ships departed from the ports of Normandy in Port-en-Bessin, Courseulles, Ouistreham, Trouville, Honfleur and Le Havre, British boats from the Baie de la Seine Scavenge where the seabed is rich in scallops.

A video showed two smaller French boats navigating near a larger Scottish ship with a striking ship. (A Scottish ship and its owner were convicted in November of last year, Scallops that were smaller than the allowed minimum size and ordered a total of 29,000 pounds, about 37,300 dollars.)

Video of the captain of the French boat showed smoke or vapor rising from the larger vessel French television network France 3 said that smoke bombs have been thrown.

"There have been some pretty heavy clashes," Lt. Ingrid Parrot said , the spokeswoman for the French regional Maritime Authority, on Wednesday by phone. [196592002] "This type of event is extremely dangerous at sea," she said, adding that the authorities would remain alert for signs of relapses.

The British Association of Fishing Associations said it had asked the Royal Navy for protection, as the ships were legally active in the waters.

A statement by the Marine Management Organization, which manages fisheries in the UK, was not immediately available.

The tension between fishing vessels in the Baie de la Seine has existed for more than a decade. The French and British have previously made agreements on scallops in recent years to forestall the clashes at dawn on Tuesday.

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