SportsPulse: Fox Sports & # 39; Alexi Lalas breaks off the weekend's most intriguing storylines and looks at how far Ronaldo, Messi and Mexico can go.

If yet another proof was needed of how fortnite infiltrated the world of games, entertainment, sports and just about everything else, it was in Kazan on Saturday.

After Antoine Griezmann scored a penalty on penalties for France in the 13th minute in the quarter-finals against Argentina in the 2018 Cup World Cup qualifier, the striker, a keen player and allegedly a Fortnite expert, could not help himself ,

He stormed toward the corner flag, holding back his teammates before they could devour him to party, and led the legendary "Take the L" dance, which is a staple of the game.

Griezmann's shot went straight into the center as goalkeeper Franco Armani danced to the left , It was his second goal in the tournament and France were in good shape to continue after the European Championship tie in the 2016 group stage. Argentina and Lionel Messi had to rely on a late goal in the final group match

It was not the first time that Griezmann had paid tribute to Fortnite, who is ubiquitous in the locker rooms of many club and national teams around the world. He also did so in the Europa League final earlier this year, when Atletico Madrid beat Marseille 3-0.


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