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Fried chicken could take you to an early grave, study finds – BGR

By now we all know that fried foods are usually not the best choice when it comes to healthy food, but how bad could they be? A new study aimed to answer this question and to give some serious warnings about certain fried foods.

The study tracked over 100,000 people – all postmenopausal women – from 1993 to early 2017. The researchers interviewed the women, answered questions about their diet, and scientists tracked the mortality rate. They found that fried chicken and fish were the foods most associated with early death.

The researchers compared the mortality rates of persons who consumed fried foods usually at least once a week, with those who had no regular consumption of them at all. These comparisons showed a significant difference in mortality rates, but the statistics showed a slight difference between the specific options for fried food.

Overall, those who had eight times a meal at least once a week had an 8% higher probability of death than those who did not. People who regularly enjoyed fried chicken saw a 1

2% increase in the likelihood of death due to cardiovascular problems, and those who ate fried fish had a 13% higher chance of dying from heart problems.

Unfortunately, the study did not separate other fried foods into individual statistical categories, rather than frying chips with other fried treats in another group. French fries have received more and more attention as a problematic food choice in recent years, with some scientists saying that few French fries could affect your overall health.

The study has some serious limitations, including the very strict age limit and the fact that it was only women, but it is an important step in finding out how dangerous fried foods could be for all of us.

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