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Frost & # 39; s tired of finding silver streaks & # 39; after UW Huskers lost for the fourth consecutive | Soccer

Sometimes a sequence of games, a quarter, or even a whole game can be a microcosm for a program on a larger scale.

This was the case when Nebraska finished 14th against Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium. In the College Football Playoffs ranking and a Big Ten West opponent, the Huskers spent most of their term in the pursuit of conferences ,

There were many moments during a 37-21

win in Wisconsin – the seventh game in a row against Nebraska through December 2012 – Scott Frost's team felt rightly in the game. Maybe even under control.

When it hit first and went 7-0. When Adrian Martinez in the second quarter with 14: 10 rumbled into the end zone. When the Huskers marched down the field at the beginning of the third quarter and squeezed the ball onto UW's 15-yard line, it looked like a team would be ready to score another and almost six points from a top The 25th program was aimed at seeking a conference championship.

After each of these moments, the teams in this league simply could not make more mistakes if they wanted to win consistently, especially in teams where key players like Nebraska were injured on Saturday defensive line players Darrion Daniels and Carlos Davis, as well as broad receiver Wan & # 39; Dale Robinson. The kind of mistakes teams can not make if they do not have the talent to overwhelm opponents.

The kind of mistakes that have become all too familiar to Nebraska this season, especially during a recent defeat of four games, the Huskers dropped to 4-6 overall, playing 2-5 in Big Ten, and eliminating the edge of postseason elimination to go two games and two wins required for the bowl eligibility.

"I'm tired of looking for silver streaks," said head coach Scott Frost. "This team has to decide what it needs to do to change it, and we had a chance today."

After NU took over the early lead and relied on a fiddle by UW star Jonathan Taylor, his kickoff team stumbled. A lazy, short kick-off set up the wide-bred receiver Aron Cruickshank with all sorts of options, and he ripped through the middle of the Husker reporting unit before bouncing back to the right sideline on an 89-yard scoring return.

"When you go If you are seven and you have all the momentum and kick a high ball (11 yards) and give up a kick return, you've just lost the chance to take control of the game keep, "said Frost.

NU took the lead back in the second quarter behind an efficient five-yard five-yard run that included Martinez's 23-yard close to the narrow end of Jack Stoll and 14 yards to broad receiver JD Spielman, and culminated in a bloody Martinez run of 2 yards, but the Huskers' attacks soon subsided. UW quarterback Jack Coan found AJ Taylor to be a nice winner, leading to a 55-yard touchdown when linebacker JoJo Domann and defenders Dicaprio Bootle and Marquel Dismuke did not bring him down.

Spell for the Badgers over 16:49 of the season in the second and third quarter, which put the control of the game irreversibly in the hands of the visiting team.

After NU had immediately shut down the field to start the third quarter, his defense forced a three-and-all to start the frame while a buzz sneaked back into the stadium – the quarterback stalled. Martinez, who bravely fought – "Adrian played like the Adrian we know," said Frost – making one of his only critical mistakes in the game. He did not manage to throw the ball away or escape the grip of the experienced UW full back Zach Baun and took a 20-yard bag, leading to a second and a 30.

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"I wanted to throw the ball away," said Martinez, who finished 220 yards with a 13-of-23, shot up 89 net yards and made two touchdowns. "That was my goal and I just have to get better. Whether it's about throwing away the ball early or finding a way to make it happen. It is inexcusable. "

Two games later, the second kicker Barret Pickering missed a try with a field goal of 41 meters. What could have been a six-point or four-point lead instead swelled to 20 as UW marched 76 yards in nine games – eight in a hurry – and Taylor a touchdown of 11 yards for a 34-14 lead With 3:19 home struck whereabouts in the third quarter.

Much of what went wrong in Nebraska is what went wrong during the frosty second season of frost. The missed duels. Three rides in the second half within the 25-yard UW line, which were empty. The missed field goal and two failed fourth downs in the fourth quarter. The unit's special team made a serious mistake – the kick-return score – and minor bugs, including a questionable day-punting and a badly-informed kick-kick for opening the game, which cost 11 yards straight away.

"This Game It felt like you saw the game as if you had played along and you feel we can win this game," said senior linebacker Mohamed Barry. I thought this would happen, we have to win all three phases, we have to play critical games in all three phases, and we can not let them beat us in all three phases.

The University of Nebraska football plan for 2019 with the players to watch and the Big 10 scores compared Test your knowledge of Cornhuskers with the Tricot Number Quiz! [19659028] "You've made mistakes, we've made mistakes, we just have to find a way to win in critical moments." Frost reflects on the blueprint that today due to a morning announcement that NU is extending its contract by two years and has extended the contract with the native son by $ 5 million a year to the 2026 season, has more recalled.

Martinez showed signs despite one As the dwindling group of players that ran out of Robinson that day, he helped the Huskers make 493 yards (8.2 per game) against one of the country's most stingy defenses. Nebraska ran 273 yards against a UW defense that allowed only 84.4 per game. Junior Dedrick Mills scored the best 188 of his career in 17 strokes thanks to tough races but also impressive work from an often wicked offensive line. It's hard to look at 320 allowed rushing yards and make progress, but it was far better than NU did against the Badgers in recent years, and Taylor's longest run of the day only lasted 19 yards.

"We have We want to continue adding more talent to this program so we can go into shootouts with fully loaded weapons and we have some really good bullets on this team," said Frost. "We have some really good parts, some really good weapons, but we need more. If you miss a few, things get even harder, so I'm proud of our boys as they fought. A large majority of this team came out and fought. We need more of that.

Direct competition has shown that there is a gap in the West between NU and Wisconsin and Minnesota. It remains essential in terms of talent and depth, in terms of execution and, to use a term that Frost has practiced several times in recent weeks, in "Conviction".

However, he remains firmly convinced that better days are coming. Some might soon (that did not look like a team that would give in the next two weeks) and many later.

"I think everyone, including me, hoped it would turn around this year and it seems we're miles away and so close," Frost said. "A few more plays, a few more plays, and the whole thing looks different. It will not happen until we have a team ready to implement it, and we try to get it there every day. "

Nebraska quarterback Nelson's Adrian Martinez scored a 2-yard touchdown on Memorial Stadium on Saturday at Wisconsin. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska, 11.16

  Wisconsin vs. Nebraska, 11.16

Debrick Mills (26) from Nebraska crashes in the first quarter on Saturday against Reggie Pearson (2) from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor (23) scored a touchdown against Nebraska at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Jonathan Taylor (23) from Wisconsin is looking for a place at Nebraska on Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Wan'Dale Robinson (1), der große Empfänger von Nebraska, spricht vor dem Heimspiel gegen Wisconsin am Samstag im Memorial Stadium mit dem Rekruten Xavier Hutchinson.

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