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Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dog


Having a dog means having a member of the family who loves to have fun. There are many fun activities that you can do with your dog and you probably already have your favorite things to do together. Here are a few more activities to consider doing with your best friend.

Running or Biking Together

Dogs love to run. Whether you take your bicycle out or jog along with your dog, going out on a run together is a great way to bond and stay healthy together. Whether for running or biking, having your dog on a leash is expected behavior in most places. This means that before you go out biking with your dog on a leash you should practice together a few times to become synchronized. After achieving this bond, go out, perhaps to a park where you can run, jog, or bike together.

Having a Puppy Picnic at the Park

Your dog may be your best friend but you may also have human friends who have dog best friends as well. Arranging to go out on a picnic together is a great way for you and your dog to socialize. Creating a wider circle of fun means more fun. A potluck of human and dog treats will make the experience much more memorable. The outdoor picnic can also involve some games like frisbee, catch the ball, and races.

Exploring the City Together

Exploring the city with your dog can certainly be a fun activity, discovering areas of the city that are new to you, and maybe even sharing ice cream together. But for those who are living in New York, getting around the city with their dog may seem challenging because most people there do not own cars. Instead, they walk and use the Metro. The question, “can you bring dogs on Metro North?”, is commonly asked by those who want to navigate the city with their dog. The short answer is that, yes, you can bring your dog on the Metro provided that it is in a crate or animal container. For people with disabilities, their service animals such as a seeing-eye dog can ride the train without being put in a crate, provided the owner has a leash.

Going to the Beach and Surfing Together

Humans love going to the beach for some sun and fun, well so do their dog best friends. Whether it is to walk on the beach or run, go into the sea and swim, or maybe play catch or frisbee on the sand, the beach is a place where humans and dogs alike can have loads of fun.

Some dogs love the beach so much that they have even learned how to surf. Surfing with your dog is a unique and fun activity. Sharing a surfboard to ride the waves creates an adventurous bond like no other.

Indulge at a Pet-Friendly Hotel or Bed and Breakfast

For some people, their idea of great fun is to be pampered at the spa or the salon. Well, why not enjoy both while your canine best friend does the same? Some hotels, as well as bed and breakfasts, have created a niche for themselves by offering just such services for human and dog partnerships. It is certainly quite a treat to go out and be pampered knowing full well that your dog is being pampered just as much as you are. After having a great sleep at these special places, you and your dog can look forward to special breakfasts as well.

Play in the Great Outdoors

Going out to the great outdoors near you is definitely worthy of being an adventure for a day. Going to a lake, a mountain trail or a forest with your dog is certainly an adventure in itself. Your dog can sense more than you can, so in this way, it can warn you about any danger and even guide you along the way. If going on a long drive to access nature is too far, then maybe just a trip to a nearby park or even the backyard can already be a source of playtime and fun.

Visiting a nearby lake where you can go boating with your friends, both human and dog, is already a novel experience that everyone will enjoy. Playing outside in the snow is also a wonderful pastime to enjoy with your dog.

Obedience Training

Going to the nearest obedience training school is a great way to build trust and bonding between humans and dogs. Both of you can learn new skills and patterns of behavior. The best part about going together is that you both receive the teachings and skills at the same time and with each other. The shared experience is an anchor for both of you. This bond can be more fully expressed later on when your dog shows off the tricks that he or she has learned making you both look good.

Photogenic Fun

Dogs love attention, especially from their favorite human. What better way to give them undivided attention than to orchestrate a photoshoot? The background or setting may be simple or elaborate, indoors or outdoors. The theme may involve props or costumes for your dog. Don’t be surprised if your dog will love the idea of changing costumes and posing for the camera. Communication is the key to a successful photoshoot so it should be fun to communicate and be creative with your dog.

There is a reason that dogs are considered to be the best friends of humans, besides being loyal, they love to do things with us. No matter the chosen activity, dogs can pick up on what needs to be done. This is also why dogs can hold important jobs like being a seeing-eye dog or bomb sniffer. Dogs have a great sense of fun and they are quick to lift our spirits when we are sad. Having fun with our dogs is the most natural thing in the world.