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Funny Fails in the History of Gambling

In some countries it has been completely outlawed, while in others it’s very heavily regulated. Either way, gambling is as much a part of our lives as something like the air we breathe and in one way or the other it affects us. We come into contact with it, whether directly through something like visiting a casino, or indirectly through interacting with a betting brand that makes for the commercial sponsor of the professional sports teams we watch.

However you may feel about gambling in general, for the next few minutes let’s zone-in on the lighter side of things by exploring some of the funniest fails in the history of gambling.

Not-so-divine Intervention

It is no secret as to the stance THE CHURCH takes when it comes to gambling, although many religious folk who practice the Christian faith can definitely be found frequenting the gaming floors of their nearest casinos. Come to think of it, practicing members of pretty much all the major religions in the world somehow see gambling as a “lesser”

; sin which they clearly believe is easily forgivable, but who would have ever thought that an entire priest would be associated with a gambling problem? A certain gentleman by the name of Michael Stemfield is known to have a gambling problem, which goes back to his youth. The Problem? He’s a city of Chicago priest…

That’s probably as funny as it is sad, though…

The Rawest Deal in the World?

French poker ace, Estelle Denis experienced what could very well be a case of having been dealt the worst hand in high-stakes poker history, except it was actually more like the best hand. As the disgruntled 32-year old Parisian would go on to claim, she had a developing hand of two aces when her call of “all in” wasn’t heard by the dealer, who went on to pull her cards into the muck! Poker players, especially professionals of her caliber who engage in high-stakes games, know to “protect their cards” at all times, but that takes nothing away from the fact that the dealer’s mistake effectively caused Denis to forfeit $32,000 worth of chips she had called with.

Luckily they allowed her to keep her stack of chips with which she had indicated to want to go “all-in.” The other players she was up against visibly felt for her, but rules are rules, although there are more stories like that which work out much more favorably.

UNLUCKY Number 4?

Sports betting is a firm favorite among gamblers because of its more “transparent” nature. If you lose, it’s not by some programmed video slots or insane odds which are stacked against you (lottery), but as a result of some tangible results you can point to, following the conclusion of the game you put a wager on. Fair enough, except in one particular instance, albeit one which justifiably draws a bit of sympathy, a British student learned the hard way that there is no such thing as sure bet!

With 11 minutes to go in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations game between Angola and Mali, the student put down an in-game wager of £4,400 on Angola going on to win, which seemed like a done-deal since Angola was up 4-0. The student had miscalculated his potential winnings to be £440, whereas he would have actually won £44, but the worst of this is the fact that Mali mounted an unlikely comeback to draw the match 4-4, causing him to lose his £4,400 – which as it turned out was his entire student loan fund!

He will be forgiven for citing number 4 as his unlucky number!