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G League to offer 'professional path' to elite prospects not wanting to go to one-and-do route with NCAA

In a move that could challenge the NCAA's monopoly on elite talent, the NBA's G League is creating a new venture as an alternative to the one-and-do route for the best American basketball prospects, it was announced Thursday. [19659002TheGLeaguewantstooffer"SelectContracts"worth$125000toeliteprospectswhoare18yearsoldandnotyeteligiblefortheNBAdraft

The NBA infrastructure, as well as a bevy. G League wants to be successful Malcolm Turner told ESPN.

Without the restrictions of the NCAA's amateurism rules, players also want to be free

"We appreciate the NBA's decision to provide additional opportunities for those." who would like to pursue their dream of playing professionally, "NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement. "The NCA does not translate into a student-athlete's success, including more flexibility when deciding to play professionally."

an excellent path to professional sports for many.

In April, the College on Basketball, formed by the NCAA after a federal investigation into fraud in the sport , recommended that the NCAA and NBA embrace alternative options for one-and-done-caliber prospects.

"Elite high school players with NBA prospects should not be in college, often for less than a year, "commission chair Condoleezza Rice told The Associated Press," One-and-Done Has to Go, One Way or Another. "

While the NBA's age limit is not expected to be finalized until the 2022 draft,

"The broader basketball community has called for the NBA to enhance our G League offerings," Turner told ESPN. "We believe this is an answer to that call. Basketball, the NBA wants to have a captive audience of America's most elite prospects during the NCAA's Final Four in April and at the USA Basketball Junior National Team minicamp NBA players attendance, as well as their families, according to Turner.

Seven of the top 10 high school players in the 2019 ESPN 100 remain uncommitted to college programs, and the G League landing any of them could have been huge ramifications – for the future, the popularity of the NBA's development league and the college basketball talent pool.

Turner said the league Do not pursue those players who have already committed to colleges, but the professional path would be so

Many important details are still to be decided on, including the way in which elite prospects are identified, pursued and then assigned to G League teams. How many players does the G League look like in its first iteration of this venture? Who wants to determine which prospects are good enough to make the cut? Will this venture be open to international players as well, including Canadians or Australians who often matriculate to the NBA via American High Schools or College Basketball? What about Europeans?

These are questions that Turner says he wants to work in the future with the help of a soon-to-be-hired dedicated program manager

While still in the process, the G League continues to offer training on its professional path to NBA facilities late October. That is important considering the long layoff between the end of a player's high school career in the spring and the start of the season in November.

The G League hopes to complete the basketball aspect of this venture with a significant off-court

Athletes wants to be restricted to playing only one season on a G League Select Contract , after which point they'll become eligible for that year's NBA draft. American Prospects: If a Player Services for a Non-NBA Professional Team prior to Jan. 1, he is automatically placed in the next draft. [19659002] 18 years old (on Sep. 15, prior to the start of the season), eligible for the following NBA draft (turning 19 in the calendar year of that draft and a

The G League and NBA teams:

• Even if the venture attracts top talent, wants These 18- and 19-year olds make an impact at the G League level, where the average age of NBA contract was 25 at the start of last season?

Given the significant difference in physical maturity and experience, G League Select Prospects c ould be risking their draft stock during their peers face NCAA competition.

• G League players, many of whom want to make significant, are willing to make some time off less money? Regular G League players make $ 35,000 as a base salary for a five-month season, with bonuses, NBA call-ups, two-way deals and exhibit 10 contracts offering paths to earning more.

• NBA teams will likely want to attract G League coaching staffs are as heavily invested in the development of players who might not be able to help them win games

G League officials are still considering how to address these concerns, with room for flexibility both before and after the program. [NB is expected to lower its age limit.] ongoing corruption trial.

The NBA is expected to lower its age limit in time for the 2022 students who have graduated to the NBA without spending a year in college or the G League, but league sources say it is a venture of this nature a potential compromise, depending on how things play out over the next three years.

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